Tammy Rivera recently spilt the beans on her relationship with her estranged husband Waka Flocka on Instagram Live, announcing that they have split up now for good.

The revelation came as news to many fans who follow the pair’s show Waka & Tammy. The WE tv show aired its second season in 2021 and gave fans an insight into Tammy and Waka’s difficult relationship.

Tammy confirms split with Waka on IG live

Tammy’s recent Instagram live began going viral on Monday, March 21.

The clip sees the reality star answering some of the fans’ questions about her life, career and the show.

“Even though Waka and I are not together, we still have the show,” the star said answering a fan’s question about her WE tv series.

“Waka and Charlie are good, they’re really good, they just are together all the time,” Tammy said answering another fan’s question about Waka and her daughter from a previous relationship.

Tammy also revealed that she and Waka are able to co-parent better now while living in separate households rather than when they shared a home.

Finally, discouraging more fan questions about Waka, Tammy said: “He is a fine man, he and Charlie are good, we good.”

She wrapped up the topic by saying: “We are not together and that’s good, we are in good spaces.”

Fans shocked by Tammy’s announcement

Many fans took to Twitter to express their shock and disappointment upon learning that Waka and Tammy are no longer together.

“Why Tammy and Waka separate?? Tf I been at? wrote on fan.

“Tammy and Waka broke up 😩 normally I don’t care about celebrity relationships but that one made me sad lol” wrote a second one.

A look at the reality star’s relationship

Waka and Tammy are one of reality TV’s most famous couples. They had appeared on shows like Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition, and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta besides their self-titled show.

The pair first linked up in 2011 and got married in 2014. Tammy already had Charlie from her previous relationship with Brian Williams at that point.

Waka has been in Charlie’s life since she was four years old. Hence, the two are very close.

Fans who have watched the couple on TV over the years know that they have been through their fair share of relationship troubles.

A major blow to their marriage came when Waka’s infidelity came to the surface and he tried to reason that it had helped Tammy become stronger.

Another jaw-dropping revelation from 2018 saw Tammy admitting that she had cheated on Waka before they got married.

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