Walkthrough Episode Choose Your Story with us and become HBIC!

Walkthrough Episode Choose Your Story with us and become HBIC!

Millions of people have installed Episode Choose Your Story onto their mobiles. It’s an interactive fiction game where each choice you make progresses your story in a different direction.

Pocket Gems released Episode Choose Your Story all the way back in 2014. And five years on and the game is still going strong with a pretty much unlimited amount of stories to add.

Whether it’s love, popularity,  fame or fortune you’re after, when you’re playing Episode it’s all possible.

Get ready to zone out and get immersed in the Episode world as we walk through the first part of Episode Choose Your Story!

Episode Choose Your Story – Pocket Gems

Episode Choose Your Story – walkthrough

Once downloaded, Episode is ready to play in a matter of clicks. We opted for the story suggested to us and ended up going back to highschool.

The Kentwood takeover involved our character, Tanya, establishing herself as the ‘Head B*** In Charge’ of the school.

The character is the daughter of a millionaire so she’s pretty much got everything she needs when it comes to inciting jealousy or throwing a huge party.

We didn’t get to choose or build the character but we chose what she wore.

She wanted to blow every other pupil’s mind in a black skirt and top ensemble but we’re not willing to pay actual cash for a virtual outfit so she had to opt for a ‘plain jane’ look.

Episode Choose Your Story – Pocket Gems

Find a loyal sidekick

Once dressed and ready for school Tanya leaves her mansion and attends Kentwood High for the first time.

The high school is certainly one that dreams are made of as we learn of the sushi bar and juice station as well as the tonnes of incredibly good looking students.

The character has set out a to-do list for the episode in order to take over the school so first things first we have to find a loyal sidekick, apparently.

We set our sights on Lewis and paid him a compliment on his outfit choice. And by the end of the episode, Lewis actually becomes our first ‘Worshipper’.

Episode Choose Your Story – Pocket Gems

It’s party time!

Much like the Love Island game, the choices that you make determine who does and doesn’t like you.

During Episode Choose Your Story you can earn admiration, instil fear and ignite desire in other people.

After finding out from Lewis who the most popular girl in school is, Tanya decides to take her down.

Of course the best way to do that is to gain status by throwing a huge party at your parents’ mansion.

Tanya and Miss Popular ‘Riley’ have a stare off at the party and we manage to make her feel small.

Episode Choose Your Story – Pocket Gems

Get everything ticked off your checklist

The first story of Episode is very easy to follow with a simple numbered checklist system.

The game rolls on and all you really need to do is make wise choices when they’re put to you.

Of course, there are tonnes of opportunities to purchase things which would change the game and potentially move it in a different direction but we went for the free option this time.

It can’t have made much difference as by the end of episode 1 were on our way to collecting 20 worshippers!

Now it’s time for story two – The Kiss List. If we manage to beat Riley at the challenge of kissing all these people at Kentwood high then she’ll give up her position as HBIC and we take the throne!

Episode Choose Your Story – Pocket Gems


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