The loveable Gregg Wallace is back on our screens for the third series of Supermarket Secrets!

The BBC show has been changing the lives of supermarket shoppers for good, giving us all the insight into our weekly shops since 2013.

So with the third series having kicked off on Wednesday, April 10th, here are all the best secrets from each episode!

Supermarket Secrets S3 E1

Episode 1 – Seaweed salt substitute

A company in Scotland have come up with a solution to keep the saltiness in salt, but to reduce the sodium.

Mara Seaweed use a method of drying out seaweed and harvesting the salts and minerals from it.

The end product is seaweed flakes, which you can sprinkle on your food for a fresh salty taste!

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Episode 1 – Nitrite-free bacon

Recent headlines have linked bacon consumption to cancer, causing a 15% drop in sales. Nitrite is the compound used to cure meats such as bacon, ham and salami and it is carcinogenic.

But it is possible to get nitrite-free bacon, as Denis Lynn of Finnebrogue meat suppliers has discovered.

By using salt as a natural preservative, Denis avoids the carcinogens whilst retaining all the delicious bacon-ness!

This is catching on in supermarkets, as Aldi is now producing nitrite-free bacon, using the same method.

Nitrite-free bacon production at Finnebrogues.

Episode 1 – Mushroom meat

Gregg watched in awe as Tesco’s ‘Head of Plant-based Development’ Derek Sarno turned oyster mushrooms into vegan steaks.

He showed just how easy it is to follow in the trend of being meat-free and also get your meaty fix!

The episode highlights how versatile the mushroom meat substitute is, creating meals such as pulled barbeque mushrooms which are available to buy in the supermarkets.

Supermarket Secrets S3 E1: Mushroom Steak.
Pulled Asian-BBQ style mushrooms.


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