Our Planet graphic scenes have proved very impactful on audiences but there are ways for animal lovers to enjoy the show without the heartache.

David Attenborough’s latest documentary series has amazed and devastated audiences so far.

It dropped on Netflix only recently. However, its immediate impact is unquestionable thanks to some particularly shocking content.

Netflix has actually warned audiences that some scenes will be too distressing for viewers. So, here’s how to avoid these moments.

still from “Our Planet” episode 1, Netflix, 2019

Our Planet: Graphic content

Masses of viewers have taken to social media to express their heartbreak in the wake of watching Our Planet.

The walrus scene has definitely been the most impactful scene. This moment especially helps to highlight the dreadful effects that climate change is having on Earth’s creatures.

A scene involving flamingos’ struggle for survival has also proven painfully poignant. These all have the desired effect of encouraging us to reflect.

On the other hand, not all audiences will wish to be subjected to the detail these scenes display.

still from Our Planet episode 2, Netflix, 2019

How to avoid upsetting scenes

Fortunately, Netflix understands that harm to animals is a very sensitive subject.

None of this is presented as gratuitous, but the streaming service has outlined a list of scenes which may be upsetting for some.

In the tweet below, Netflix detail – to the second – which moments you should fast-forward.

Our Planet: Disturbing scenes

Fand of Attenborough’s nature shows would be wise to watch the series with this tweet at hand.

Despite some disturbing moments, there’s also a wealth of beauty on display to enjoy and cherish.


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