Want to get a peachy bum like Georgia Steel? Find out her exact workout routine here!
Photo by Ricky Vigil M/Getty Images

Want to get a peachy bum like Georgia Steel? Find out her exact workout routine here!

If there is one thing for certain, it’s that Georgia Steel has a kickass body.

Looking amazing on Love Island, it’s obvious that the 21-year-old works hard at the gym, and we have found out her exact fitness regime to help you achieve the same results.

Want to find out how to train like Georgia? Check out her work out plan below…

Georgia Steel

Who is Georgia Steel’s personal trainer?

Georgia achieves her amazing body with the help of her personal trainer Malwina.

Clearly a favourite among the Love Island gang, Malwina also trains Gee’s BFF Dani Dyer!

The pair often do workouts together which you can check out on her Instagram @malwina_pt

What workouts does Georgia Steel do?

With the help of her celebrity trainer, Georgia does a multitude of workouts to help her keep fit.

Some of her most frequent exercises include wide squats, squats with cable pull, walking lunges with 5 kg dumbbells and squat jumps.

She also hits up the bike for cardio as well doing sprints and reverse crunches for abs.

Check out one of her workout routines in action below…

How to get a bum like Georgia Steel

In order to get a peachy bum like Gee’s, you can simply follow the steps written below from her gym workout.

A lot of these exercises can also be done at home, so don’t worry if you don’t have a gym membership.

Just make sure to repeat the circuit six times for maximum results!

30 x squats with ball raises
30 x (each leg ) lunge with twist
30 x plank squat jump
30 x bunny hops over the bench
30 x sumo squats with weights
30 sec on mountain climbing machine

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