Love Island: Psychologist analyses Molly's shady behaviour around Danny - was she asleep by the pool?

Love Island 2019 fans are growing increasingly sceptical over a snake-esc Molly Mae Hague after she appeared to pretend to be asleep by the pool in order to gain attention.

A newbie to the villa having entered on day 4, Molly has earned a huge chunk of the boys’ attention since arriving on the ITV dating show… yet she still wants more.

Following the arrival of Bombshell Danny Williams, Molly’s body language has had chins wagging on social media. Reality Titbit‘s in-house psychologist has analysed Molly’s behaviour around Danny to determine whether she is jealous, desperate or simply being herself.

Screenshot: Love Island 2019 Molly and Danny

Why are fans sceptical of Molly?

Fans of Love Island have turned on newbie Molly Mae Hague just days after the entered the Majorca villa.

The pretty blonde social media influencer instantly took a shining to Tommy Fury yet has also cast her eye on Anton Danyluk, with each reciprocating the feelings.

However, now, it seems as if Molly would also like to explore ‘Danny land’ having also confessed that the latest Bombshell is also her type.

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Fans are outraged that Molly wants nearly 50% of the men in the villa, especially considering lonely Yewande Biala looks set for a romance with Danny.

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Love Island: SR5: Ep7 on ITV2
Pictured: Danny and Yewande on a date.

What did our psychologist report?

First up, we have a scene where Amber Gill is getting ready for her date with Danny.

Rather unnecessary, Molly tees up a back-handed compliment to Amber just before she escapes for the date while also prepositions the idea of Yewande and Amber falling out.

Psychologist Silja Litvin said:

Molly really seems to be struggling with the situation. During her insult of Amber, that could be interpreted as bantering, but her smile doesn’t really reach her eyes and she repeats the insult twice just to make sure she’s heard.

Screenshot: Love Island 2019 Molly and Danny

Screenshot: Love Island 2019 Molly and Danny

People experiencing emotional stress while fearing social repercussions often express themselves in a seemingly jokingly manner, it’s called passive aggression. That way they can voice their feelings without offering a surface for critique.

So, was Molly asleep by the pool when Danny arrived to meet everyone? Or was she simply playing a game?

Psychologist Silja said:

Molly’s features are too unrelaxed for her to be sleeping: and her body language indicates she is highly aware of her surroundings. I would agree with the viewers that she was ‘faking’ being asleep.

Screenshot: Love Island 2019 Molly and Danny

Screenshot: Love Island 2019 Molly and Danny

Screenshot: Love Island 2019 Molly and Danny

Screenshot: Love Island 2019 Molly and Danny

However, I don’t think it was to make a grand entrance but may have been her experiencing a flare of social anxiety –  an inner resistance to face a new group member who, as a potential partner and new individual will most certainly disrupt the social setting she just got accustomed to.

Perhaps Molly isn’t as confident as she makes out to be…

Disclosure: Please be aware that it is hard to ‘read’ body language in order to detect lies, even when you have had years of training and can decoded micro-expressions with the help of milli-second video frame steps. My feedback is an educated guess based on my education and common sense


– Psychologist Silja Litvin

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