It’s all aboard the Parsifal III on Below Dek Sailing Yacht in 2022. The Bravo show is back for a third instalment and Glenn Shephard is Captain of the ship once again. Captain Glenn, Colin Macrae, Gary King and Daisy Kelliher all returned for another season in 2022 but the show also welcomed some newbies.

Chef Marcos Spaziani is on board for season 3, as are Gabriela Barrigan, Ashley Marti, Kelsie Goglia and Tom Pearson. But some fans of the show are wondering whether Tom Pearson was fired from Below Deck Sailing Yacht in season 3. So, let’s find out more…

Who is Below Deck’s Tom Pearson?

Tom Pearson is a newbie to Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3.

He works as a deckhand on the Parsifal III and judging by his Instagram page, he hails from the Lake District.

Tom’s Bravo bio reveals that he “loves to be on the water” and grew up speedboating and doing water sports so working on deck was a pretty obvious career choice for him.

He’s also a “social butterfly” that’s up for a crew romance according to his bio.

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Was Tom fired from Below Deck Sailing Yacht?

No, it doesn’t appear that Tom Pearson has been fired from Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

The new deckhand may not have made a great first impression in his first season but he still appears in a Bravo First Look snippet on March 1st.

Tom feared that he could be fired during the show after messing up. Speaking of the “anchor situation“, Tom said that he’s “still learning” and has been going through a lot.

Tom tries to prove himself in episode 7

Deckhand Tom can be seen in a Bravo First Look snippet where he says: “First impressions count, right? So, my first impression was sh**. All I can do now is get to work and turn this around, a little bit less talk and a little bit more walk.”

As well as having difficulty settling into yacht life on the show, episode 7 brings some bad news from home, too.

Episode 7 see Captain Glenn decide whether he can trust Tom and the staff all have to band together to put on a talent show for their charter guests.

Speaking of Tom’s work ethic, Captain Glenn said: “I don’t get it, if I were Tom, I would be working my a** off. He doesn’t even seem phased… get to work, do something, prove your value.

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