The T4 show that first came to screens all the way back in 1999 has returned 20 years later!

The 2019 Shipwrecked, ‘Battle of the Islands’, is a far cry from the show’s original format.

Since the new version of the show started on Monday, January 28th, Twitter has been reminiscing over the noughties edition and wishing for its return.

For fans of old-school Shipwrecked, here’s how to watch Shipwrecked series 1 online…

Shipwrecked E4

Can I Watch Shipwrecked on Netflix?

Back in the day Shipwrecked was ‘Shipwrecked: The Island’, the series consisted of nine episodes and saw 17 islanders seriously have to fend for themselves.

Shipwrecked series 1 is not currently available to watch on Netflix, however, once the new 2019 series has finished the old seasons may be uploaded.


Is Shipwrecked on Amazon Prime Video?

Unfortunately, Shipwrecked series 1 is not available on Amazon, either.

The original Shipwrecked series look pretty hard to come by, but for now at least there’s Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands on E4.

Shipwrecked E4

Who was in the Shipwrecked Series 1 Cast?

Today’s series of Shipwrecked provides a cast of very good-looking 20-somethings who could be more suited to Love Island.

However, it wasn’t always that way.

Over the years Shipwrecked has actually been the starting point for a load of TV presenters and Radio DJ’s that we now know and love.

Reality TV personality Jeff Brazier and Radio DJ Sarah Jane Crawford – both from series 3 – are just a couple of cast members who went on to bigger and better things.

The series 1 cast were as follows:

  • Elliot Dell
  • Dan Woodrow
  • Jack Krelle
  • Jessica Pearson
  • William
  • Rachel
  • Megane Quashie
  • Mandy Dassa

  • Star Hart
  • Lisa Norton
  • David
  • Jen
  • Ashna
  • Simon Babbage (Crusoe)
  • Darrell (Paddy)
  • Will Chapman
  • Andy

Shipwrecked E4

What Was Shipwrecked series 1 Like?

Narrated by Andrew Lincoln, it was less gameshow and more raw. Series 1 was no where near as polished as the 2019 edition.

In series 1 the contestants had to kill their own food including a pig, chickens and fish.

The cast also had to take canoe trips in pairs to the mainland to collect fruit and vegetables.

In stark contrast, the 2019 Shipwrecked cast arrived on their respective islands with shelters already made – much to viewers’s shock!



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