Going on a blind date on TV is one thing, but going on a blind date on TV with your mum in tow is a little bit different.

But, that’s what James from series 13 decided to do in episode 3. The polished-looking lad rolled up to the First Dates restaurant with mum Helen.

Keen to keep watch on what her son gets up to on his first date, Helen chilled out with a bev while James dated away on the Channel 4 show.

Let’s get to know First Dates’ series 13 James a little more…

Screenshot: First Dates’ series 13 James and Helen – Channel 4

First Dates: James Barham

Gym bunny James certainly looked like a ladies man as he set foot in the First Dates restaurant.

James’ mum Helen described his dating life and said the women are very much “like buses – there’s either three at once or none at all.”

The 25-year-old made a point of saying that although he might be living a life of a “love them and leave them” kind of guy, he didn’t really want to carry on doing that.

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Meet James on Instagram

James is on Instagram as @jman_1992 with around 300 followers.

Although the handsome chap keeps his Insta private, he gives a fair bit away in his Instagram bio.

James includes information such as his hometown of Surrey, star sign, Libra and that he supports Liverpool FC but follows Bournemouth.

He also has a Criminal Sociology degree as well as two dogs, Snoopy and Vinnie.

Episode 3: James’ date

James was matched with 28-year-old Danielle for his first date.

The bubbly bus driver hailed from Canterbury and opened up about her previous relationships and referred to her ex as “that”.

James asked about her previous partners for Danielle to reply:

Do you know the one rule that I don’t, on a date you dont mention the past. The past is a pantry you dont live in.

Speaking of her ex, she said: “He took all my confidence away, he would call me names.”

By the end of James and Danielle’s date, the pair opted to not see each other again because they were “too similar”. James added that there wasn’t a romantic spark.

He did boost Danielle’s confidence by saying that although she’s not ‘the one’ he would take her back to a hotel room… charming!

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