We found Flirty Dancing's Sarah on Insta: She makes history on the show!

When swiping left or right is what dating in the 21st Century has boiled down to, the concept of Channel 4’s Flirty Dancing is certainly a welcome addition to our screens.

The first-ever series of the show kicked off in 2018 and now, Flirty Dancing is back with a new batch of daters ready to bust a move to two.

Lead dancer in Diversity, Ashley Banjo plays cupid and matches couples together.

Some other members of the Diversity crew including Perri Kiely are on-hand to teach the love birds their routines.

Sarah and Faye

Flirty Dancing: Who is Sarah?

Sarah Fry took part in episode 4 of Flirty Dancing series 2.

The 2019 series kicked off from November 8th and each episode sees two couples have the chance at dancing their way to love.

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Sarah takes part in the episode along with Eleni, Faye and Topsy. Channel 4 describes Sarah’s performance as a “frisky dance on a beautiful Birmingham rooftop garden”.

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Meet Sarah on Instagram

Sarah, 24, is on Instagram as @sarahfry95.

The Flirty Dancing star is clearly a huge advocate for women’s rights and often posts to Instagram on subjects concerning women including smear tests and breast cancer awareness.

She also likes to share a regular pic of her current reading materials including Mary Beard’s Women and Power and Natasha Walter’s Living Dolls.

Sarah’s Instagram stories see her describe the Flirt Dancing experience. She says:

Best week of my life, honestly.

Are Sarah and Faye Flirty Dancing’s first same-sex couple?

Sarah is making history on Flirty Dancing episode 4 as she and Faye are the first female same-sex couple to take part in a dancing show.

The Channel 4 show has seen male same-sex couples take part, but now series 2 brings us Sarah and Faye.

Both Sarah and Faye hail from the countryside and struggle to meet new people. And Flirty Dancing was a huge opportunity for them both to hit it off!

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