We found Pete Wicks’ green hair date on Instagram – now she has an orange barnet!

We found Pete Wicks' green hair date on Instagram - now she has an orange barnet!

Pete Wicks enjoyed one of the most talked-about dates in Celebs Go Dating history when he was paired up with Katherine in episode 7.

Or, as she is now known on social media, the Celebs Go Dating 2019 green hair girl.

Green hair girl rocked up arm in arm with her pal Charlotte, as the pair concluded a double date with Pete and Sam Thompson.

Not that anyone was talking about the success of the date on Twitter though, with underboob, green hair and sideboob the only keywords to come from the 60-minute episode.

So, who is Katherine? And is she on Instagram?

Screenshot: Pete Wicks green hair date

Who is Katherine?

Katherine goes by the full name of Katherine Collins.

She is a 25-year-old concessions manager form Manchester.

According to her LinkedIn, Katherine graduated in Criminology and Psychology at the Manchester Metropolitan University before going on to gain her Master’s Degree in Terrorism and Security from the University of Salford in 2018.

She has also worked extensively in beauty and cosmetics.

Screenshot: Pete Wicks green hair date

Green Hair Girl on Instagram

Although sporting bright green hair on Celebs Go Dating 2019, Katherine has since spiced up her doo.

You can follow her on Instagram under @katherinelouisecollins, where she has close to 4,000 followers.

Kat clearly dropped the green hair vibe after her date with Pete and now sports something much closer to the orange Tango spectrum.

Here’s a timeline of her Insta revolution from blue to green and orange!




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