Rich Kids Go Skint season 3 is one of Channel 5’s most prized possessions right now.

The documentary series focuses on wealthy teenagers as they embark on a week away from their usual luxury lifestyles by moving in with a less financially secure UK family.

Episode 5 of the 2019 series introduced us to the oh-so-glamorous Shaira, who we soon tracked down on Instagram.

Here’s a look at the ‘model, actress, travel influencer and business owner’s’ modest online CV.

Shaira in foreground and Tara, Paul and their 2 children in the background, Northampton.

Who is Shaira?

Shaira is a 19-year-old psychology student from a wealthy Swiss family.

She featured on 5 Star series Rich Kids Go Skint with Northampton family of four Tara, Paul and their two children.

However, she struggles to adjust to their way of life have recently left one of the most expensive schools in the world and enjoying a life that is more accustom to spunking cash on £7,000 necklaces and £20,000 holidays.

Shaira in foreground and Tara, Paul and their 2 children in the background, Northampton.

Shaira on Instagram – Business Owner?

You can follow Shaira on Instagram under @shariaberg, where she already has over 20,000 followers.

Her Instagram life depicts one of serious luxury while she brands herself in her bio as an actress and the founder of clothing label Shaira Couture – 



Travel Influencer?

Clearly, Shaira likes to think of herself as something of a travel influencer.

Over the last 12 months, she has visited over 10 countries including cities such as; Dhaka, Maldives, Milan, Vienna, Beijing, LA, New York, Texas, Hawaii, Ibiza, Singapore, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Shanghai, Switzerland and Amsterdam.

One Insta post read:

Last week I was feeling a little down, burnt out and stressed so I impulsively booked a plane ticket to my third home to see my mama. Now I’m sat in the tropics sipping cosmos by the infinity pool. Life is gud.

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Looking @ you 💕

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Sharia also has a YouTube channel (150 subscribers) where she vlogs about her globe-trotting adventures.

It’s pretty damn annoying and features videos such as ‘I became Monk in Shanghai’, ‘we’re just getting ready in the Madison’ and even a costly production that follows Sharia and friends on a night out.



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