BBC Two never fails to provide the nation with eye-opening documentaries.

On June 7th 2019 a new documentary, Pregnant and Platonic, aired.

Voiced over by Clara Amfo, the show looks at the growing phenomenon of co-parenting.

We found Richard from Pregnant and Platonic on Insta – so where is he now?

Screen Shot: Richard Pregnant and Platonc – BBC Two

What is Pregnant and Platonic?

BBC Two’s Pregnant and Platonic is a documentary exploring the phenomenon that is co-parenting.

If you thought that co-parenting was just something for separated couples, think again!

The programme spends an hour looking at different women and men who want to explore having a baby in a less traditional sense.

The potential parents aren’t in romantic relationships and some even found each other on co-parenting apps.

Screen Shot: Richard Pregnant and Platonc – BBC Two

Pregnant and Platonic: Richard

Richard featured on Pregnant and Platonic. He’s gay and has wanted a child for years, he just needs a woman to co-parent with him.

We found Richard on Instagram and Twitter, but it doesn’t look like he’s a dad just yet!

He often features posts of his pet dalmatian and cat on Instagram.


Pregnant and Platonic: Cast

The BBC show focused on Desirée and Jamie who met through a co-parenting website and experienced some turbulence during the process but now have a baby.

Another couple to try co-parenting were best friends Alex and Miriam.

Desperately seeking a co-parent was Sachan, however, she did also want to find love to have a family in a more traditional way.

The programme also looked at Stephen and Ellen – close friends and co-parents to twin girls Charlie and Lucy.

Ellen resides in Manhatten while Stephen regularly visits his girls. Their family includes their own romantic partners, Jim and Jason.

Programme Name: Pregnant & Platonic – TX: n/a – Episode: n/a (No. n/a) – Picture Shows: Miriam and Alex talking about how they want to raise their child. – (C) Finestripe Productions – Photographer: Caroline Allward



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