It took all but two episodes of Weekender: Boat Party for the same old storyline to unfold.

Fans of ITV2 series Ibiza Weekender have become familiar with watching famous holiday rep Jordan Davies score with each new holiday rep. Eventually, however, he messes it up!

New spin-off series Weekender: Boat Party has mapped out the exact same storyline, as Jord bedded fresh holiday rep Charlotte Hughes in episode 2.

Then, in episode 4, we saw the pair become ‘official boyfriend and girlfriend’.

So… are they still together?

Screen Shot: The Weekender: Boat Party, ITV2

Screen Shot: The Weekender: Boat Party, ITV2

Screen Shot: The Weekender: Boat Party, ITV2

Screen Shot: The Weekender: Boat Party, ITV2

Jordan Davies’ Dating Life

If you cast your mind back to Ibiza Weekender 2017, Jordan was seemingly hung up on Chyna Ellis.

Together, in a weird sort of ‘stand up for love’ act, the pair quit the series together during the second to last episode.

Outside of Ibiza, however, their relationship lasted just a couple of months.

Chyna is not Weekender: Boat Party.

Screen Shot: Ibiza Weekender, ITV2

Screen Shot: OUTCASTED – Chyna and Jordan may not return – Ibiza Weekender, ITV2

From here, 26-year-old Jord quickly moved on and started to date stunning Peruvian model and TV presenter Paula Manzanal.

Now, hold tight.

This is where things get interesting.

Jordan Davies’ Baby

Although Jordan and Paula dated for only two months, Paula found out that she was pregnant in April 2018 and has since claimed that Jord is the father.


With Jordan deciding to spend his summer cruising around Croatia and picking up girls, Paula has hit out at her former lover for being non-existent during her pregnancy.

Paula told The Sun Online:

He doesn’t have time for his son. He hasn’t come to a single scan. He is making me suffer a lot. It’s not easy to take this path on my own.

He hasn’t stepped up as a man. He is running away. With pain in my heart, I may need to take him to court if he continues this way.

A representative for Jordan has responded to Paula’s allegations, explaining that Jordan has been sending Paula and the baby “thousands of pounds”.

While speaking to The Daily Star, Jordan’s representative continued:

If this isn’t enough for Paula, unfortunately Jordan can’t provide more, even leaving himself without to support her.

Jordan Davies and Charlotte

As you may have expected amongst all this turmoil, it means that no, Jordan Davies and Charlotte are not still dating.

Jord has deleted all pics of him and both Chyna and Paula from his Instagram, showing no hesitation when it comes to moving on from relationships.

Charlotte doesn’t have any pictures of Jordan on her ‘Gram either, and we can’t imagine that their relationship was anything more than a quick summer season fling.

Screen Shot: Weekender Boat Party episode 2

Screen Shot: Weekender Boat Party episode 2




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