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Everything you need to know about Jordan Davies' baby saga - is he the dad?

There’s something you probably didn’t know about Ibiza Weekender and Weekender: Boat Party star Jordan Davies.

According to reports, the 26-year-old is a dad.

Now there’s something you can’t envision when tuning in to ITV2 every Sunday night and watching Jord chat up girls left, right and centre!

Here’s everything you need to know about the Jordan Davies baby saga!

Weekender Boat Party on ITV2

Who is Jordan Davies Dating Now?

Jordan Davies is currently dating Isobel Mills.

The pair met while on Ibiza Weekender 2019, with 21-year-old Isobel introduced as one of the new reps.

Following their show romance, the pair continued to date outside of Ibiza, snuggled up together around Christmas time.

Who is Jordan’s Ex-Girlfriend?

Following the end of Ibiza Weekender 2017 and Jordan’s summer romance with co-star Chyna Ellis, Jord started to date Peruvian stunner Paula Manzanal in January 2018.

She fell pregnant and has always claimed that Jordan is the father.

Paula recently turned 25 and lives in Peru and Spain, while travelling across the globe as a model.

She’s an actor, TV host and famous face in her native Peru, boasting 1.6 million followers on Instagram – more than double Jordan’s numbers!

Jordan Davies’ Baby

Jordan and Paula only dated for a couple of months before Paula found out that she was pregnant, in April 2018.

Paula has consistently spoken out in the media about Jordan, claiming that he was not supportive during her pregnancy, adding that the Weekender star wants nothing to do with the baby boy.

Paula told The Sun Online:

He doesn’t have time for his son. He hasn’t come to a single scan. He is making me suffer a lot. It’s not easy to take this path on my own.

The baby was successfully delivered in November 2018, potentially making Jordan a dad.

Paula called the child Valentino and has continued to hit out at Jordan in cryptic Instagram posts, such as this one:

I asked God to send me a man who will always love me. He gave me a son.

A representative has responded to Paula’s claims adding that Jordan has sent “thousands of pounds” to her and the baby.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Jordan’s rep also said: “Jordan has asked Paula for a paternity test when the baby is born. To ask for a paternity test for someone you are not in a relationship with is only fair for all parties.”

The latest twist in the story has involved Jordan’s dad, David Cartwright.

David sent pictures of a DNA test to the Daily Star, which confirmed that he was the grandfather of Paula’s son.

The medical documents confirmed by both Paula and David show that there is a 99% chance that Valentino’s grandfather is Jordan’s dad.



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