We've put OLD Laura vs NEW Laura in a game of Top Trumps - Who wins?

Latest Love Island 2018 Bombshell Laura Crane has had the boys eating from her palm.

The 23-year-old from Croyde – not Croydon Jack – had both Mr Fowler and Dr Alex George fighting over her love.

It appears that Jack Fowler has won the war, for now, having ditched old Laura for new Laura during the latest recoupling.

But, if it was OLD Laura vs NEW Laura in some weird Top Trump body statistic game – who would win?

DISCLAIMER: If you are too young to remember Top Trumps, maybe it’s best to stop reading now.

AGE: New Laura

Traditionally, Top Trumps is all about having the highest score, but we’re happy to f*ck with the system here.

After all, there is literally a Love Island Monopoly game, so the whole concept of board games is ruined.

New Laura may not be able to get better car insurance deals, but she will get Jack Fowler – 1-0 to Laura Crane.

New Laura: 23-years-old

Old Laura: 29-years-old


Old Laura has been in the Love Island villa since day one, making her the runaway winner in this contestant.

New Laura Crane does have a decent Insta following from her background as a professional surfer, but it’s still way off New Laura’s numbers – she’s nearly got a million!

New Laura: 140,000 followers

Old Laura: 747,000 followers

HEIGHT: New Laura

Laura Crane’s height if 5ft 7, and although that has nothing on her towering boyfriend, we do think that it’s taller than Laura Anderson.

Only just…

New Laura: 5ft 7

Old Laura: 5ft 6.8


Screen Shot: New Laura Crane height, Love Island, ITV2, series 4

Laura Crane also has a 32D bust, 26-inch waist and 36-inch waist.


For anyone that has never driven away from civilisation and plummetted into the deep depths of North Devon, it’s actually quite nice.

New Laura is from Croyde, a popular yet quaint tourist beach town.

Old Laura is from Stirling, Scotland… so yeah.

New Laura: Croyde, North Devon

Old Laura: Stirling, Central Scotland

ODDS: New Laura

Despite only being in the Love Island 2018 for a few days, Crane already has the better odds.

You’d be pretty annoyed if you were Old Laura, considering she’s been in the house for more than 40 days, has had her heart broken twice, and still hasn’t managed to win over the general public.

New Laura: 16/1 to win

Old Laura: 20/1 to win

Scores on the doors favour New Laura Crane over over Old Laura Anderson, with a winning score of 4-1.

Nice move Jack, we knew you’d make the right choice!

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