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what did noelle give max

What did Noella give to Max on The Real Housewives of Orange County?

The longest-running Real Housewives show is back in 2022 with a 16th season. The Real Housewives of Orange County returned to screens on December 1st and brings OG Heather Dubrow back after a four-season hiatus.

Heather, Gina, Emily, Shannon, Noella and Jen have had all kinds of drama right from the word ‘go’ on season 16. There have been issues of suing each other, divorces, rumour spreading and now, the latest issue revolves around a certain item gifted to Heather’s daughter, Max. So, what did Noella give Max?

The Real Housewives of Orange County: Max’s party explored

During RHOC episode 6, Heather Dubrow threw a party for her daughter, Max, who had just written a book.

Speaking to Gina following the event, Heather said that Max came home and opened her present and that “Noella gave her a, kind of, questionable gift.

Noella and Max had met each other previously at a party of Heather’s where Noella said: “I’m bisexual, too!“. So, perhaps Noella thought they were on quite close terms…

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What did Noella give Max?

When RHOC episode 7 came around, it was revealed what the gift was that Noella gave to Max.

It was a pride-themed card game which Heather added: “…was very nice as they’re both bisexual and that’s great“.

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However, Heather said that Max is only 17 years old. Heather then proceeded to read out the X-rated cards to Gina who was cringing the whole time.

The pair concluded: “It’s basically pornography and it’s not appropriate“.

Meet RHOC’s on Instagram

It’s likely that the game Noella bought for Max was something along the lines of Cards Against Humanity however, it doesn’t seem that Max or Heather have spoken about the gift any more than was covered on the show.

Max can be found on Instagram @maxdubrow with over 30k followers.

She doesn’t seem to have posted anything card game-related but she has prompted her new book on IG!

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