Following on from her stint in the Jungle, Anne Hegerty has become a fan favourite on The Chase.

The ITV show features Britian’s brainboxes including Mark Labbett, Paul Sinha, Jenny Ryan and more.

Each episode a different Chaser is often revealed and quizzers go up against them.

Anne, or ‘The Governess’ as she’s known, is a regular on the show. The Chase airs in 2020 on ITV at 5 pm on weekdays. Anne Hegerty’s hair has been a hot topic in January 2020, so let’s take a look at her barnet…

Screenshot: The Chase January 13th 2020 Anne Hegerty hair – ITV

Anne Hegerty: Hair

January 10th 2020 saw Anne Hegerty’s hair a topic of interest.

A report from The Liverpool Echo detailed how Anne sported a longer hairstyle which had clearly been blowdried for the occasion.

Anne looked like the glam-squad had been hard at work as she finished off her look with a red lip and a bow-tie shirt.

Viewers of the episode took to Twitter to applaud Anne on her new hair-do: “Anne is looking a bit snazzy with her new hairdo.”

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anne hegerty hair

Screenshot: Anne Hegerty hair Friday, January 10th 2020 – ITV

Anne’s hair now

Although it seemed that Anne had totally switched up her look for the 2020 series of The Chase, it looks like she’s back to her regular hairstyle as of January 13th.

The early evening episode of The Chase saw Anne’s intelligence tested to the max.


Anne still sported natural makeup and her chic shirt and suit combo during the January 13th episode. However, her hair looked much shorter and swept back.

One viewer of the show took to Twitter to share her disappointment at Anne reverting back to her usual hairstyle: “Anne’s new hairdo from last week has been sacked off then.”

Another asked: “What happened to Anne’s new hairstyle?”

Others still thought Anne looked great, regardless of her hair: “Anne looking stunning once again.”




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