What happened to BIBA the tiger? - Dynasties final episode!

In the fifth and final episode of Dynasties we were introduced to Biba the tiger.

Daughter of Raj Bhera, the young cub was cast off from her family of four following a dramatic incident at the watering hole.

However, not all pieces of the puzzle were put together during Dynasties episode 5.

How did Raj Bhera become injured? And what happened to Biba once she was forced to part ways with her family?

Picture Shows: One of Raj Bhera’s male cubs looks out from the den eager to explore the world around. – (C) BBC NHU – Photographer: BBC NHU

What Happened to Raj Bhera’s Daughter?

Raj Bhera had three cubs, two male and one female – Biba.

As the cubs grew larger and older it became increasingly difficult for Raj to feed her family of four on a regular basis.

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The two males – both stronger and more powerful than their sister – got the second pick on any food that their mother caught.

However, when Raj was attacked in an unfilmed scene, it left the three siblings without any source of food.

The two males teamed up to hunt side by side, leaving Biba with no choice but to abandon her family and venture off by herself into the Indian Bandhavgarh tiger reserve.

Footage showed Biba heading out of her pride’s territory as David Attenborough added: “And Raj Bhera will never see her daughter again.”

Picture Shows: Raj Bhera’s four cubs, around 4 months old, drinking from a sandy pool that has been filled up by the recent monsoon. – (C) BBC NHU – Photographer: BBC NHU

So What happened to Biba in the end?

Fortunately, Biba was sighted with a litter of small cubs in the summer of 2017, with her decision to venture away from her family proving its worth.

However, Raj Behra’s existence became increasingly more dangerous.

As we saw in Dynasties episode 5, she was starting to face competition for her territory from Solo, her daughter from a previous litter.

Eventually, Raj Behra was killed in a fight with an unknown rival in June 2018.

Programme Name: Dynasties – TX: n/a – Episode: Dynasties – Tiger (No. 5) – Picture Shows: Often walking for tens of kilometres every day, Raj Bhera patrols and scent marks her territory to ward off potential rivals. – (C) BBC NHU – Photographer: BBC NHU




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