What happened to Block on Street Outlaws? Did he get into a fight?

What happened to Block on Street Outlaws? The raw Discovery Channel Show is experiencing some commotion in 2020.

Street Outlaws is a reality TV show with an edge. While the term drag race in the reality TV world often involves Ru Paul, this is a different kind of drag racing with a different level of drama involved. Rival racing teams go up against each other for a cash prize each episode.

Season 1 aired in 2013 and seven years later the show is still going strong. So, let’s take a look at what’s been going down with the show’s cast.

Who is Chris ‘Block’ Gordon?

Teams from Detroit, Mississippi, California and more gather to race on Street Outlaws. In charge of the South Carolina racing team is Chris ‘Block’ Gordon.

Chris often reps a ‘Block Motorsports’ T-Shirt, so we can assume his whole life and work revolves around cars and his Block Motorsports brand. See his company on Instagram (@blockmotorsports)!

The Block Motorsports Twitter bio reads: “We are just having fun doing what we love. Competition keeps us motivated. Sportsmanship keeps us coming back.”

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We can assume that Block is around 34 years old as his IG handle is @block_1986. Speaking to Dragzine in 2020, Block explained that he’s been racing all his life and that his father was into the sport, too: “I’ve been at a drag strip since I’ve been in diapers.”

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What happened to Block on Street Outlaws?

The Discovery Channel show is onto its 14th season in 2020. Hosting the show and judging the races each episode is Memphis street racer Jonathan Day AKA ‘JJ da Boss’.

According to Billings Gazette, JJ and Block got into an argument which resulted in JJ punching Block in the face.

The Billings Gazette report reads: “The verbal altercation ended in Day allegedly hitting Gordon in the face before “everyone watching jumped in and broke them apart.” The incident left Gordon with a bloody nose and a black eye. Gordon had initially wanted to press charges against Day but later changed his mind.

The publication also reported that “altercations between competitors are not uncommon in the series” and that Block and JJ “were chiding each other while waiting for a race to begin, according to an incident report“.

Twitter users confirm the fight as some took to social media to comment on the episode’s events: “I’ve never been so happy to see someone with a bloody nose as I was tonight when loud mouth block got what he deserved.

Chris ‘Block’ Gordon: Wife

While JJ da Boss is keen to feature his family on the show, it doesn’t seem as though Block is the same.

JJ’s wife, Tricia, and son, Doughboy, both enjoy drag racing, too.

From Block’s Instagram page (@block_1986), he may have a wife, however, this isn’t confirmed.


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