The final episode of The Supervet series 13 saw the adorable sheepdog Buster head to Fitzpatrick’s for treatment.

The poor pup was in constant pain because of a spinal condition.

But what happened to Buster after the show? And has he managed to avoid surgery and fully recover?

The Supervet S13 E6: Buster in the consultation room.

Who is Buster the dog?

Buster is a 7-year-old Briard (French sheepdog).

He’s a fun-loving pooch who lives with Lara and Iain and their two children.

Buster had already visited Noel Fitzpatrick for treatment to an ankle injury when he was a puppy. But he made a return in 2018 with a much more serious problem.

What happened to Buster on The Supervet?

The family initially thought the lameness in his leg was arthritis, but it was actually degenerative lumbosacral stenosis.

A bulging disc in his spine was causing damage to the nerves.

To alleviate the pressure on his nerves, he had three steroid injections administered by Noel into his back. And luckily for Buster, it was a success!

Did Buster make a full recovery?

But the family discovered more heartbreaking health complication after he was treated at Fitzpatrick’s.

Sadly, he was diagnosed with a bleeding mass on his spleen.

Iain, Lara and their local vet made the decision to put him to sleep to alleviate his suffering.

Buster with his family.


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