Dan Flynn’s absence on A&E’s docu-reality series Nightwatch has quickly been noticed by fans. So, what exactly happened to him?

He is one of several emergency responders in New Orleans and Tampa, Florida, who feature in the series as they navigate their everyday reality.

The series, which sees police officers, firefighters and responders receive around thousand calls a night, usually features Dan Flynn.

More recently, viewers are starting to get concerned about the firefighter, and why he no longer seems to be appearing on the show…

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Who is Dan Flynn?

Dan Flynn is a paramedic and registered nurse in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Working in the public safety profession since 2001, Dan has held positions including firefighter, paramedic and field training officer.

Dan has been a registered nurse since 2014 and works in the Emergency Department at Touro Infirmary, Uptown New Orleans.

Specializing in vascular access, his first success came when he received his paramedic certification with the National EMS Academy in 2005.

Dan is also an analyst on A&E’s Live Rescue, documentary series Nightwatch and First Responders.

He is happily married to his wife Heather, who he lives with in Louisiana.

Viewers notice Dan Flynn’s absence

The A&E docuseries has left a hole in many viewer’s hearts, who are missing several duos on the series.

After a quick scroll on Twitter, it looks like Dan is strongly missed by fans, with several asking what happened to him.

His bond with his colleagues – which is clear to see on-screen – is the aspect that is mostly missed by viewers, as new cast members take their places.

One fan wrote: “Not gonna lie, seeing Holly without Nick and Titus without Dan has me in my feels #Nightwatch.”

What happened to Dan on Nightwatch?

It looks like he has been filming for A&E’s Live Rescue for several months, while his usual partner Titus has been appearing on Nightwatch.

Dan and Titus shared: “Grateful for days off together! It doesn’t happen often, but we always make sure that it DOES HAPPEN.” They added:

That’s what is important. Dan films #LiveRescue for months at a time coupled with my own life, @titustero is filming #Nightwatch coupled with his life. We will always support each other and always support each other’s family and interests!

One fan asked him on Twitter: “Where are you Dan? Are you gonna have guest spots??”, to which he responded with a hands-out emoji.

It looks like Dan is keeping quiet about exactly why he isn’t appearing, but has confirmed that he is “unfortunately not” with them this season.

He added: “But there are some great folks on this season.”



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