Jeff Waldroup is best known for being a cast member on Discovery’s Moonshiners. However, he hasn’t made an appearance for a while.

The star was on the show for eight years while he distilled what is believed to be some of the best moonshine in North Carolina.

A seventh-generation moonshiner, Jeff regularly appeared on the show alongside his son Lance, who passed away earlier this year.

We explored what happened to Jeff Waldroup, and got the latest updates on where he is since leaving Moonshiners

What happened to Jeff Waldroup?

Although these rumors are not confirmed by Jeff, a lot of speculation was that he may have been arrested for illegal distilling.

However, there is no evidence online which reports that he could have been arrested, despite the risk that comes with going on Moonshiners.

Going on the show means that the distillery business is being shared on camera, although the series reportedly does not show the illegal parts.

Jeff and his son Lance disappeared from the show after a 2019 episode called “Secret Backwoods Recipes.”

The father-and-son duo were then thought to have moved onto selling their belongings online, possibly to make money to go towards their business.

Moonshiners: Where is Jeff now?

Jeff is continuing to work on making moonshine, and regularly makes visits to the Elevated Mountain Distilling Company.

Lance was the third child of Jeff’s to pass away, after his daughter Lindsey and other son Lamar.

His shared Facebook page with his son Lance, run by a third party, often shares updates – such as the sale of ‘Jeff’s retired Presidential Rye Whiskey‘.

He has also been making TikToks recently. Videos include making a ‘poor man’s car lift’ and signing jars of moonshine.

Will Jeff return to Moonshiners?

Currently, there is no confirmation from Jeff nor Discovery that he could be set to make a return to the Discovery show.

However, this doesn’t mean he never will in the future!

As his son Lance usually appeared on Moonshiners as his business partner, it is unlikely he would now want to be filmed without him there.

There were also rumors since their departure that the father-and-son duo could be replaced by other moonshiners, but this has not happened yet.



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