What happened to Jonathan on Home Town? Fans ask after the HGTV star
A House with History | Home Town (Rewind) | HGTV

What happened to Jonathan on Home Town? Fans ask after the HGTV star

What happened to Jonathan on Home Town? Viewers of the show are wondering where the project manager disappeared to. Let’s get to know more about him!

Home Town is an HGTV show which sees house renovating husband and wife team Ben and Erin Napier do what they do best – restore, refurbish and revamp houses all over Laurel, Mississippi.

As well as Ben and Erin, the show features many cast members who help them turn around old and often antiquated buildings into houses of dreams. So, what happened to Jonathan Walters? Here’s all you need to know…

A House with History | Hometown (Rewind) | HGTV

What happened to Jonathan on Home Town?

Thankfully, nothing bad happened to Jonathan Walters from Home Town. The project manager simply left the show for a different opportunity in Florida.

Jonathan didn’t return for Home Town season 4 which premiered in January 2020.

The show now has new project managers named Chase and Katie.

Any fans who missed the announcement of Jonathan’s departure may well have been confused by his absence and some took to Twitter to ask where he’d gone.

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Where is Jonathan now?

Jonathan left Home Town to move to Florida, which is actually where he grew up.

The HGTV star was the show’s project manager since the very first episode and he gained a fan base for being something of a Home Town ‘heartthrob’.

Today, Jonathan is still in the construction business and works on custom building and renovation projects in Florida.

HGTV: Meet Jonathan on Instagram

For any fans of Jonathan that feel the need to stay up-to-date with the goings-on in his life, you’ll be pleased to know that he is active on social media.

Jonathan is clearly a family man and lives in the Sunshine State with his wife and children.

Find him on Twitter @jwalters_build with over 1,200 followers and Instagram @jwalters_build with almost 5,000.

By the looks of Jonathan’s social media, he mainly posts snaps of the projects he’s been working on, as well as the odd family photo.

He’s also part of a podcast – Protractor Podcast – which is described in its IG bio as “Leading Podcast For Professional Contractors Who Are Passionate About Making A Difference. Inspiration + Motivation + Education“.

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