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what happened to ken kerr bering sea gold

What happened to Ken Kerr from Bering Sea Gold? Twitter asks where Discovery star is

What happened to Ken Kerr from Bering Sea Gold? Viewers take to Twitter to ask where the cast member is in 2021. So, let’s find out some more about Ken.

Bering Sea Gold is a Discovery show which follows groups of people who spend their lives dredging gold from the sea. The first season of Bering Sea Gold aired in 2012.

Ken Kerr was a cast member on the show from the very beginning but Bering Sea Gold viewers are scratching their heads in 2021 as Ken doesn’t look to be on the show any more.

Screenshot: Ken Kerr from Bering Sea Gold – Amazon Prime

Meet Ken Kerr

Captain Ken Kerr is the owner of Arctic Sea and Arctic Gold Mining according to IMDb.

His dredge mining vessel features on the show – Myrtle Irene. Ken spent over a million dollars on upgrades for Myrtle Irene including generators, pumps and more. He said: “It’s almost like a brand new Myrtle“.

In 2019, the Myrtle repaid some of Ken’s expenses as he dug up over 100 ounces of gold during an episode.

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What happened to Ken Kerr from Bering Sea Gold?

Captain Kerr has been a cast member on Bering Sea Gold since 2018. So, when the 2021 season kicked off and Ken was nowhere to be seen, it’s no wonder that fans of the show took to Twitter to ask questions on is whereabouts.

May 8th 2021 saw a Twitter user wrote: “Where is ken kerr?

By the looks of IMDb and the Bering Sea Gold Instagram page, Ken Kerr is no longer a cast member on the Discovery show in 2021.

Bering Sea Gold cast in 2021

While it seems that Captain Ken Kerr is no longer appearing on the show for reasons unknown, his dredging vessel is still on Bering Sea Gold.

In an Instagram video released prior to the 2021 series airing, it was revealed that Shawn Pomrenke would be taking over the Myrtle, potentially making him the “undisputed king of Nome” if he can close a certain deal.

Dave Young is also appearing in the 2021 series. Shawn Pomrenke can be seen asking to take on the Myrtle during the season preview.

Steve Riedel, Cody Moen, Zeke Tenhoff, Andy Kelly, Vernon Adkison, Brad Kelly, Kris Kelly, Mike Rowe, Emily Riedel and Steve Pomrenke are all listed as 2021 cast members as per IMDb.

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