Duane and Chad Ollinger are the stars of Discovery series Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch. The father-son duo head up the investigations on their Blind Frog Ranch in Utah and have been doing so since season 1 in 2021. All kinds of mysterious events have taken place on the Utah land and the Ollingers are not only keen to uncover the mysteries but, with any luck, they may also find treasure on the ranch, too.

The Discovery series usually airs at 10 pm Fridays, so fans of the show may be confused in March 2022 as to the whereabouts of the show. So, what happened to Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch? Let’s find out more about season 2…

Inventions That Changed History | Official Trailer | discovery+

Inventions That Changed History | Official Trailer | discovery+

Is Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch on tonight?

No, Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch isn’t on tonight.

Season 2 of the show premiered on January 7th, 2022 and it usually airs on a Friday. However, the Discovery show isn’t on tonight (March 25th) as season 2 has now ended.

The last episode of season 2 aired on March 4th, 2022.

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What happened to Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch?

Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch has run for two full seasons so far.

The Discovery show ran its first season from January 2nd to February 5th, 2021 and season 2 aired from January 7th to March 4th, 2022.

Season 2 was made up of eight episodes with the final one being ‘Darkness, Danger and Death’.

Blind Frog Ranch mysteries explored

During both seasons of Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch, Duane, Chad and the team are setting out to find their fortune on the Utah land.

However, every episode sees the group struck by all kinds of obstacles including poisonous gases, intruders, a murder investigation, helicopters and much more.

Season 2 was focused around the team uncovering a large wooden box in a flooded cavern and some of their findings included liquid metal, bored rocks, ancient coins and more.

Many fans have taken to Twitter over the course of Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch’s two seasons to comment on the reality of the show as well as the team’s operation as a whole.

One viewer tweeted: “The people that believe Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch is real are the same people that think pro wrestling is real.

Another asked: “Is Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch real? Certain bits of it feel like a ‘found footage’ kinda film. Is it legit?

One fan tweeted: “So, they drug a 750 lb jackhammer down into this cave and cut up rocks to drag out this box, yet, it’s suddenly too dangerous and the rocks they now want to get from this box are too heavy?“.

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