What happened to SCARLETT on X Factor? – Something out of a “horror movie”

What happened to SCARLETT on X Factor? - Something out of a "horror movie"

X Factor just faced its most dramatic weekend in its 14-year history.

The ITV series had its lowest rating figures since it launched in 2004, with sound problems overshadowing the Saturday night (November 3rd) show. Voting was cancelled and delayed until Sunday, instead.

Amongst the chaos was the story of Scarlett Lee, who battled through her performance on Saturday night having just survived a blazing fire in her family home.

Here is everything you need to know the event that Scarlett described as like “something out of a horror movie”.

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The X Factor: SR15 on ITV
Pictured: Scarlett Lee.

What happened to Scarlett on X Factor?

Before Scarlett’s performance on Saturday night’s X Factor, the 21-year-old looked extremely emotional.

She gave a heartfelt pep-talk during her pre-show piece to camera, explaining that she was determined to turn and perform despite a recent family emergency.

Scarlett said:

I know that it’s been a tough few days for me but nothing is going to get in my way because this is my dream and I’m going to fight as hard as I can to make sure I’m here next week.

Scarlett Lee: House Fire

It was then revealed that Scarlett was taken to hospital after damaging her eye in a near-catastrophic fire.

She was helping her brother as their family caravan caught ablaze, dashing in and out of the mobile home as it burnt to the ground.

The damage meant that Scarlett had to have embers removed from her eye, missing days of rehearsals in the process.

Scarlett addressed the issue on Instagram with the following statement:

I went to the hospital to have a procedure on my sight as a burning ember was still in my eye. It’s getting better slowly and surely. I’m glad my family are alive. It was something from a horror movie, I’ve never been through something so scary in my life.

X Factor is the dream in my life that has come true and I can’t believe this (the fire) has happened just as I am going through this amazing journey.




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