Season 16 of Sister Wives is coming to a close, and viewers are wondering about the 2013 incident with Truely Brown after it was brought up in Sunday’s (Jan 2nd, 2022) episode.

Sister Wives is a show on TLC which revolves around Kody Brown and his wives, Meri, Janelle and Christine. The Brown family is ever-growing, and between them they have thirteen children, with Truely Brown one of Kody and Christine’s daughter.

Reality Titbit have explored what happened to Truely during season 6 of Sister Wives, and even found her on Instagram…

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First Look: New Season of Sister Wives!

First Look: New Season of Sister Wives!

What happened to Truely on Sister Wives?

Truely was just 3 years old when she developed life threatening kidney failure. She fell ill whilst Kody was in charge of her, as the wives were on a trip in San Francisco.

Truely came down with the flu and when the wives got back to Las Vegas to the children, her condition had significantly worsened. This is when Christine decided to take her to see a doctor.

The doctor diagnosed Truely with kidney failure, and Kody revealed that this was caused by not drinking enough water whilst she had the flu.

Truely’s illness is behind Kody’s strict rules

Also during last night’s episode (Sunday, 2nd January), Kody revealed his new strict COVID-19 rules. Some of these include: wearing a mask, sanitize purchased products and mail with alcohol wipes, and no eating at sit down restaurants.

The wives, especially Janelle, expressed their concerns about these new rules. However, Kody explained that they have been put in place as a sacrifice to keep the family healthy.

He said: “I don’t want to have one of my children die” and “hate the people who weren’t doing the rules, and then end up in a divorce with whoever’s child died”. Kody also mentioned: “I think Christine hates me partly because Truely almost died, and she thought that I had been negligent”.

Catching up with Truely Brown on Instagram

Now 12 years old, Truely has recovered from her illness and has had no further issues with her Kidneys. She has an Instagram account which is run by her sister Ysabel.

Her page has 33.2k followers and 24 posts. Truely doesn’t post very regularly, and only posted once in 2021 during April.

She shared a photo of Mykelti and Tony’s baby Ava, calling her “pretty adorable”. Truely has also been sticking to COVID-19 rules, and captioned her photo in 2020 saying: “Quarantine attire! Getting out of the house to have fun and social distance! YAY”.



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