Everyone’s favourite celebrity show is back in 2o20! It’s all-aboard for Brendan and his crew as Celebrity Coach Trip is here. Episode 1 of the series kicked off from Monday, January 6th at 7:30 pm on Channel 4.

Rusti Lee, Tommy Mallett, Georgia Kousoulou, Adele Roberts, Antony Costa and many more have been touring Europe on the iconic coach!

Kadeena Cox and Perri Shakes-Drayton are one of the celebrity pairings starring in Celebrity Coach Trip 2020. What is Kadeena Cox’s disability?

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Screenshot: Celebrity Coach Trip 2020 – Channel 4

Who are Kadeena and Perri?

Kadeena and Perri are the athletes of Celebrity Coach Trip 2020.

Paralympian gold medalist Kadeena started out her career as an able-bodied sprinter. She now has an MBE.

Perri is a British track and field athlete. Her personal best running the 400m is 50 seconds!  Coach Trip OG Brendan Sheerin joked that his PB running 400m was about 10 minutes.

What is Kadeena Cox’s disability?

In March 2014, Kadeena athlete suffered a stroke. But, her illness didn’t stop her and she went right back to training after two months of being bed-bound.

Later, Kadeena was once again admitted to hospital and diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. However, she hasn’t let MS hold her back. She became part of the British Paralympics team and took part in the 2016 Summer Paralympics.

The Sant Pere Pescador, Spain episode of Celebrity Coach Trip 2020 saw the group go caving and ziplining. Kadeena showed no fear and dived straight into the water while many others in the group were terrified of caving.

Viewers of the episode took to Twitter to praise Kadeena on her bravery. One said: “Whooooop! Whoooooop! Go Kadeena!”

Mr Motivator, who is also on Celebrity Coach Trip, made a point of letting Kadeena know that she was an inspiration during the episode.

Kadeena Cox: Instagram

You can find Kadeena on Instagram @kad21.

She has around 5,000 followers and often takes to social media to share some insights into her journey.

Kadeena is also on Twitter with over 8,000 followers.

Find Olympian and World Champion Perri Shakes-Drayton on Instagram as @itspsd. She boasts a whopping 327,000 followers.

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