What is Selling Tampa star Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere's age?

What is Selling Tampa star Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere's age?

Netflix has had huge success with real estate reality TV shows such as Selling Sunset over the past couple of years. Now, Selling Tampa is here dropping its first batch of episodes on December 15th, 2021. Sharelle Rosado and her agents at Allure Realty are aiming for domination of the market – not just in Tampa Bay – but in Florida as a whole.

The Netflix series’ not only focus on the real estate agents’ professional lives but their personal lives and relationships, too. So, let’s find out more about one of Selling Tampa’s cast members and explore Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere’s age…

Selling Sunset & Selling Tampa | Official Teaser Trailer | Netflix

Selling Sunset & Selling Tampa | Official Teaser Trailer | Netflix

Who is Anne-Sophie from Selling Tampa?

Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere is a cast member on Netflix’s Selling Tampa and a top-selling real estate agent at Allure Realty based in Tampa Bay, Florida.

She’s the youngest of the cast members and works alongside Colony Reeves, Alexis Williams, Rena Frazier and more agents at Allure.

By the looks of things, Anne-Sophie has always had a passion for real estate and she also specialises in the accounting side of things. She is one of the first agents to appear on Selling Tampa season 1 where she reveals that despite being successful in her career, she’d appreciate having a man in her life.

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What is Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere’s age?

Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere is 27 years old which makes her the youngest of the agents on Selling Tampa.

Her fellow youngster of the group is 30-year-old Colony Reeves while Alexis is also 30 and Allure CEO Sharelle Rosado is 34 years old.

Anne-Sophie and Colony are the only two agents at Allure that aren’t married or have children.

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Meet Anne Sophie on Instagram

Selling Tampa star Anne Sophie can be found on Instagram with over 30k followers @annesophiepf.

Anne includes a Haitian flag in her IG bio which is a nod to her heritage, she can also be seen speaking fluent French in Selling Tampa episode 1.

In a post from August 2021, Anne wrote on IG that she moved to Florida from Haiti in 2005 and by 2016 she graduated from college and began working as a property accountant. In 2019, she quit her accounting job and moved into real estate and now she’s making triple her accounting salary.

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