What is The Little Drummer Girl about? - What has HAPPENED so far?

BBC One series The Little Drummer Girl is now halfway through the season, with episode 3 airing on Sunday night (November 11th).

However, most viewers have been left perplexed by the complicated drama.

It might be enjoyable to watch, but that doesn’t mean we have any idea what is going on!

Here’s a rundown of the episodes so far…


Where Does The Little Drummer Girl Come From?

The Little Drummer Girl is a six-part adaption of a John Le Carré book.

It was written in 1983 by the famous British author, who is renown for his spy fiction work. Many of John’s books have been turned into films, such as 2011 hit Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

Now 88, John worked for both the Security Service and the Secret Intelligence Service during the 1950’s and 1960’s.

What is The Little Drummer Girl About?

The whole point of BBC One’s The Little Drummer Girl is to leave you confused and hooked. If you don’t enjoy untangling mysteries, then it’s probably best to tap out now.

A mass of characters will continue to be looped into intertwining storylines, with young actress Charlie at the centre of a battle between Israeli spymaster Kurtz and Palestinian terrorist Khalil.

Gadi Becker and Charlie – The Little Drummer Girl

Episode 1

An introduction to the 1970’s spy drama, set in the aftermath of a bombing in East Germany.

Martin Kurtz, an Israeli intelligence operative, discovers a connection to a series of assassination attempts against prominent Jewish figures around the world.


In London, struggling actress Charlie goes on holiday to Greece, leading her to a whirlwind romance with Israeli secret agent Gadi Becker and unintentionally drawing her into his operation.

Gadi Becker – The Little Drummer Girl

Episode 2

Charlie is recruited by Kurtz to put her acting skills to the ultimate test – infiltrating a militia cell.

However, as Charlie goes into her first assignment, Kurtz realises that he has been tricked into sending her into a trap.

Episode 3

Charlie is sent to deliver a shipment of explosives to a terror cell in Austria but finds her loyalties divided as she comes face to face with the real Michel – previously fronting as Salim.

Meanwhile, Kurtz convinces Gadi of a risky plan – faking the death of the militant they have in custody before anyone notices he is missing.

Kurtz, Litvak and Charlie – The Little Drummer Girl

Episode 4

Gadi prepares Charlie for the next stage of her mission, teaching her how to fire a gun.

She is then recruited by members of the radical group, only to find out that Michel has been found dead.

This leaves her terrified, as she believes that she is now caught amidst a murder.

How Many Episodes Are There?

There are six episodes of The Little Drummer Girl in total.

The series will finish on Sunday, December 2nd.



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