What is the meaning of PSR on Naked and Afraid?

What is the meaning of PSR on Naked and Afraid?

Naked and Afraid is a survival series that puts participants to the ultimate test abandoning them in the wilderness to battle some of the most extreme and harsh conditions nature throws their way.

Survivalists are put into teams of two, where they must work together to build shelter and gather food to survive for 21 days.

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What is PSR on Naked and Afraid?

  • PSR stands for Primitive Survival Rating.

Each contestant is given a Primitive Survival Rating based on observations and predictions of survival fitness which is divided into three categories:

  • Mental Acumen
  • Experience in the Outdoors
  • Developed Skills

Contestants PSR is computed and updated throughout the series as they become weaker or stronger.

Naked and Afraid then use the contestants’ PSR scores to indicate the likelihood that they will succeed in the wilderness based on the skills that they have.

What does each category mean?

Mental Acumen: Survivalists’ resilience, attitude, teamwork, and ingenuity are closely monitored to determine their Mental Acumen. For example, how they persevere in the face of adversity and also finding creative solutions to problems.

Experience in the Outdoors: Participants must possess the practical and theoretical knowledge necessary for survival, therefore this category refers to the survivalists’ book knowledge and hands-on experience.

Developed Skills: Survivalists’ ability to obtain survival necessities, such as fire, food, water and shelter. Whether it’s building a shelter for protection from the elements or hunting for food, these kinds of tasks are considered key primitive survival skills.

The PSR scale is divided into three levels- novice, intermediate and expert. Scores over 7 generally indicate expert survival skills, while survivalists that score a PSR of below 3 are considered novices. Therefore, a score between 3 and 7 is classified as intermediate.

Who has had the top PSRs in Naked and Afraid history?

EJ ‘Skullcrusher’ Synder and Laura Zerra are joint in the top spot with PSRs of 9.1. They have both appeared on Naked and Afraid three times, including the first season of XL in 2015.

We have some more pretty impressive scores from Season 1 survivalists, Billy Berger who achieved a PSR of 8.9 and Forrest Galente with a PSR of 8.8. Matt Wright from Season 5 also had an impressive score of 8.7.

But who had the worst PSR in Naked and Afraid history? Cassie DePocal with a 3.4 PSR in season 1, however she surprisingly did make it through the entire three-week challenge due to the help and support of her teammates.

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