The Chase has been airing on ITV for over 10 years now, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Everyone’s favourite early evening game show airs at 5 pm on weekdays and is hosted by Bradley Walsh.

Some of Britain’s brightest sparks feature on the programme, from The Governess Anne Hegerty to The Sinnerman Paul Sinha.

Each episode sees contestants test their intelligence. They go up against a Chaser in a bid to win a cash prize. So, what is the minus offer on The Chase? Let’s take a look at the rules…

Screenshot: The Chase Wednesday, January 15th – ITV

What is the minus offer on The Chase?

During The Chase, before their round, the contestants are faced with three offers – a high, middle and low cash prize.

The high offer is often extremely generous and most players opt for the middle one to stay safe.

It’s not very often that we see a player go for the minus offer and viewers are normally quick to share their confusion over why a contestant would choose to lose money.

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Screenshot: The Chase Wednesday, January 15th – ITV

What happened on The Chase?

Wednesday, January 15th 2020 saw Mark, Gill, Peter and Louisa go head to head with Mark Labbett.

The team racked up a big jackpot of £19,000 which would’ve been split between them.

However, Louisa was the last contestant to go up against Mark and opted for the minus offer.

Viewers of the show were less than impressed and said: “It’s never ok to take the minus offer”, “Never take the minus” and “Even if your team mates encourage you, it’s never OK to take the minus offer and they secretly hate you.”

However, in defence of Louisa’s choice, one Twitter user wrote: “I wonder how many people on Twitter who tear apart the minus offer contestants would chicken out too if they were up there.”