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The Job Interview S2 Champneys Zahra Valerie Susan Lowrez

What not to say in a job interview - Valerie drops a clanger to Champneys!

Luxury spa Champneys were looking for a new receptionist to become the face of the complex as guests arrive. What they weren’t looking for, was Valerie.

With the likes of Brad Pitt and Barbra Streisand, oh and Ian Wright, all popping in for spa treatments, the importance of the receptionist role was highly stressed.

Like ridiculously overstressed . . . considering it paid 15k a year.

However, candidates Susan, Zahra and calamitous Val were all hoping to make a lasting impression.

The first question probed into the candidates knowledge of the Champneys resorts, with Head of HR Gemma Beeson and Operations Manager Lucy Witney hoping for an answer of five.

Close but no cigar, Susan hit three, while Zara was bang on with five and Valerie could only answer that “she had only looked briefly at the website” and literally had no idea.

Screen Shot: The Job Interview – Oh VALERIE!

P-Valley | Season 2 Official Trailer | STARZ

This was the demise of Valerie. As you may have guessed.

Val was a mere 125 years off her random guess of when the spa was established, before she walked into a classic interview faux-pas.

Valerie said: “I always get granted an interview but I don’t always get the job”

It kinda began to show.

Val asked the interviewers about their competitors, before dishing out a big backhanded compliment, heaping praise on the wrong company.

The two Champneys interviewers asked:

“Do you know about our competitors? Have you been to The Grove? What was your experience like there?”

Valerie couldn’t contain her excitement quipping “superb” and “absolutely first class” without offering anything to say on Champneys.

The pair of interviewers waited in silence, slightly stunned and bemused.

Like, umm, don’t you like our company?

Screen Shot: C4, The Job Interview

We didn’t see much of dear Valerie after this.

The choice between the two remaining contestants, Zahra and Susan, was much closer, although Zahra shaded it due her superior knowledge of spa treatments.

Part-time administrator Zahra wowed the interviewers having explained that she moved to the UK from Iran in 2011, before going on to learn the language form scratch and completing her A-levels qualifications.

Screen Shot: C4, The Job Interview

Screen Shot: C4, The Job Interview

However, her stumbling block proved a task of relative simplicity. Zahra was unable to name the two ladies sat in front of her conducting the interview, whereas Susan could have told you everything about the interviewers, including what they had for breakfast.

Rehearsing some serious looking mind-maps before she had entered the interview room, research didn’t pay off for Susan in this instance and the interviewers chose Zahra.

Cue mixed opinion on Twitter.

Screen Shot: C4, The Job Interview



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