The Love Island villa seems like a place where all your summer dreams would come true. A Spanish haven full of sexy singles, with a pool, private hideaway and weekly parties.

But the reality of taking part in ITV’s Love Island is probably less glam than it seems.

Previous contestants have shed some light on what the daily routine is like from their drink allowance to secret chef-made meals.

Series 5 of the hit dating show is in full swing in 2019 and it’s safe to say it was a year to remember!

So, what time do they wake up on Love Island? Why do the Islanders always look so tired?
Screen Shot: Love Island 2019 series 5 episode 8 – ITV2

What are the rules in the Love Island villa?

There are various rules that apply during your time in the villa ranging from your choice of language to the things you bring in with you.

There is a set time that Islanders have to wake up however we’re unsure if it’s a set rule.

Sherif Lanre was kicked out of the Love Island villa during series 5 due to misconduct. Rumours circulated when he was booted off the show that it was due to him laying around in bed all day and not partaking in activities. However, we now know that’s not true and that Sherif left the villa after play fighting with Molly Mae.

These guys aren’t bluffing!

From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR5: Ep2 on ITV2.
Pictured: Sherif talking about Anna.

What time do they wake up on Love Island?

All privacy goes out the window once yous et foot in the Love Island villa as you’re set to share a room with a bunch of people you’ve never met before. And, what’s more, your bed head and sleepy dust is broadcast to the nation.

According to Planet Radio, the Islanders get woken up at 9:30 am each day. This is obviously quite a normal time to wake up, however, one thing which is peculiar is the fact that the clocks are all set to the wrong times in the villa according to ex-Islander Chris Williamson.

It was revealed in his interview with the BBC that “Chris had to try to work out the time by looking at where the sun was because the time was set wrong on phones, clocks, and everything else”.

Screenshot 2019: Love Island, Lucie eating fruit
Screenshot 2019: Love Island, Lucie eating fruit

Is there a set bedtime on Love Island?

We’d imagine that there is a set bedtime in the villa. If this wasn’t the case Islanders would disrupt each other if they all went to bed at different times.

We’re not sure of the exact time that the contestants have to start brushing their teeth and bedding down but we’d say around 11 pm to 12 am as they’d need to get at least their full eight hours beauty sleep before the 9:30 alarm!

From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR5 on ITV2.
Pictured: The Villa.



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