What to watch after The Last Dance: Seven Netflix, Amazon and TV gems!

The final two episodes (9 and 10) of Michael Jordan docu-series The Last Dance dropped to Netflix on Monday, May 18th, marking almost 10 hours of incredible behind-the-scenes footage and heart-touching interviews.

Michael Jordan concluded an epic series by drawing the curtain on his Chicago Bulls career in style, scoring an incredible match-winning basket against the Utah Jazz in the 1998 NBA Finals.

For audiences worldwide, the final few scenes and the closing of series were enough to bring a tear to the eye, as Jordan’s Bulls’ retirement marked not only the end of a legendary career but the start of a sporting revolution as the NBA had been put on the global map thanks to MJ.

Few docu-series will fill the Monday night void quite the same as The Last Dance due to the array of in-depth interviews and jaw-dropping celeb cameos from the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, who dropped by in the locker room to with Jordan luck.

That said, if you need some triumphant sports stories to fill the time, then look no further.

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INGLEWOOD, CA – 1987: Chicago Bulls head coach Doug Collins huddles his team against the Los Angeles Lakers circa 1987 at the Great Western Forum in Inglewood, California

Netflix Series: Basketball or Nothing (2019)

This is by the far the most obvious choice, especially considering the series is readily available on Netflix.

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Basketball or Nothing is a non-scripted docu-series that follows the lives of Bball players at Chinle High School. Located on the Navajo Nation Reservation, the largest reservation in America, the school has a unique style of play within their national division.

Their ‘Wildcats’ team play a style known as rezball, which is essentially NBA 2K in real-life, complete with gung-ho run and gun attacks and a serious disregard for defensive shape.

For The Last Dance fan who was in it for the game-day throwbacks and tactical showcases, this is the docu-series for you.

Screenshot: Basketball Or Nothing S1 E1 – Netflix

Netflix Movie: Moneyball (2011)

While baring few similarities to The Last Dance, Moneyball is Reality Titbit’s favourite sport-based movie.

Featuring Brad Pitt and a young Jonah Hill, the biographical sports drama follows the incredible story of Billy Beane, who changed not only the sport of baseball but economics in sport across the world with his revolutionary philosophy for the 2002 baseball season.

You’ll be rooting for the Oakland A’s as much as you were the Chicago Bulls by the end of this movie.

Disney Plus Movie: Remember The Titans (2000)

Another movie, a different sport.

Remember The Titans may sound incredibly corny, and the fact that it is a Disney production does mean that there are a few cheesy one-liners and near-musical break-outs laced into throughout the movie.

However, the flick is a family favourite and focuses on racial tensions in schools across America during the 1970s, where Virginia High School complete a full integration of African-American and Caucasian students into their American Football programme.

Denzel Washington plays coach Herman Boone as his school complete a fairytale season. A lot of cliches are matched with a lot of fun.

Netflix Series: QB1: Season 3 (2019)

Sticking with American Football there are three seasons of QB1 available on Netflix. However, it’s the last season that we find the most entertaining.

The series focuses on a handful of the top-ranked junior quarterbacks across the USA, as they look to make the move into College football and eventually the NFL. Each potential superstar comes from a different background and for some, the shot at the top offers no more than the chance to financially provide for a struggling family.

However, if you adored Michael Jordan for his status a humble sportsman despite global celebrity status then you’re really going to despise some of the other kids on QB1.

Golden-boy Spencer Rattler, for instance, swans around his college like he is god’s gift, letting ‘prom king’ fame plague his career that ends in suspension. But don’t worry, you’ll cheer when he gets suspended!

Screenshot: QB1: Beyond the Lights S3 E1 – Netflix

Netflix Series: Last Chance U: Seasons 3 and 4 (2018/2019)

While Moneyball is our favourite movie on this list, Last Chance U is our favourite series.

Over two seasons, the series captures the highs and lows of NJCAA College-level American Football team the Indiana Pirates, from Independence Community College.

The main focus of the series is loud-mouth and freakishly aggressive coach Jason Brown, who whips his team into shape with a plethora of swear-words, insane fitness drills and trash talk.

Combined with iconic players such as troubled schoolkid Bobbie Brown, who is routinely involved in off-field drama, seasons 3 and 4 of Last Chance U have just as much drama as the Michael Jordan docu-series – just without any of the glitz and glamour.

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