The Kardashians are back for a sparkly new season.

The world-famous family hit screens in the US on March 31st 2019.

Season 16 could quite possibly be one of the most dramatic yet with the fallout of the Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson scandal looming.

But first, episode 1 is almost all about Kanye West and now he’s even featuring one of his songs in the show’s intro!

Here’s everything that went down in the very first episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians season 16 – Chicago Loyalty.
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Kim and Kanye make an announcement

For the brand new series of KUWTK, Kim and Kanye open the show.

At the very start of the episode, most of the family are sat down having a meal when Kim and Kanye announce that they’re having a fourth child – and it’s a boy!

Kim said: “It’s top secret, we don’t want anyone to know”.

Although it turned out that North blew their cover and started telling her friends at school.
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Kourtney is officially single

Last season (15) Kourtney was seeing model and boxer, Younes Bendjima, however in the first episode of KUWTK season 16 Kourt reveals over lunch that she’s going through another break up.

Kourtney, Khloe and Kris are eating out when Kourtney admits:

I’m anxious at all times

She said: “I just got out of a relationship and feeling a lot of anxiety. When I’m single I just dont like the unknown. I’ve been trying to do Reiki to get rid of some of the bad energy but nothing’s really helping.”
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Chicago Loyalty

The name of the first episode of season 16 is ‘Chicago Loyalty’ so, of course, the US city had to feature.

Kim and North head to Chicago to see Kanye who’s there on a work trip.

Kim said: “Kanye’s in Chicago working on his new album, just working on so many projects out there. His whole Yeezy office is out there.”

In episode 1, Kanye is refurbishing Chicago landmark, The Regal, and took his wife and daughter to see where he grew up.
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Things erupted between Kim and Kanye once she got to Chicago as the subject of Kanye’s friend, Rhymefest, came up.

Rhymefest Tweeted about Kanye and spoke out about him negatively and Kim was having none of it.

Kim said: “That is some serious, disturbed sh**”.
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Kim continued: “I just want to know what’s your rationale in being cool with it?”

Kanye replied:

I’m not rational, I’m spiritual

Turns out Kanye’s all about forgiveness whereas Kim was ready for battle as she felt she had to be protective over her husband.

By the end of episode 1, Kim and Kanye meet with Rhymefest and make amends. Kanye’s BFF also gave Kim a crystal for good vibes as an apology gift.
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MJ and Scott go on a date

In KUWTK season 16 episode 1, Scott Disick takes Grandma MJ out for tea.

Scott said:

I’ve always felt a special bond with MJ over the years. She’s so quick in her wit and I just feel like we get each other.

The Lord and MJ had a heart to heart and MJ spoke of how she’s settling into life in Calabasas.

During their catch up, Scott admits that he doesn’t know how to make scrambled eggs and the pair made a pact for MJ to teach him how to cook the classic dish.
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Later, MJ and Scott met up at his house to scramble some eggs and also had a chat with Kris via FaceTime.

Grandma MJ was irritated at how Kris was so busy and didn’t seem to be able to stay off her phone for five minutes.

At the end of episode 1, Scott, MJ and Kris all got dressed up for tea and managed to have some quality time – phone free.
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Khloe, Kourtney and Kendall take Palm Springs

In the first episode of the all-new season, it’s announced that Kris has bought the family a holiday home in Palm Springs, California.

Khloe arranges a huge trip of fourteen people to head out there for some much-needed fun-time for her newly single sister, Kourtney.

Kourtney is spotted chatting about her break-up at the pool when Khloe decides it’s time to start ‘being in the moment’.

Khloe said:

The fact that there’s a karaoke machine is, of course, Kris Jenner style. I know Kourtney’s going through something. I’m forcing Kourtney to have fun right now. We are just going to have a f****** ball!

The ladies’ Palm Springs trip ends with some drunken antics and an interesting rendition of ‘CoCo’ by O.T. Genasis.
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