Instagram has been having a clear up of late, with volumes of personal and business accounts deleted from the social media platform.

Likewise, Facebook – who also own Insta – have been implementing the same sort of tidy up.

However, fake news and false advertising are usually among the top reasons for a deleted Instagram page.

Surely that can’t be applied to CrossFit? So where has CrossFit gone? Why has the company suddenly deserted millions of followers?

CrossFit Instagram

CrossFit Instagram

What happened to CrossFit on Instagram?

On Tuesday, May 21st, the official CrossFit Instagram page suddenly vanished alongside sister accounts such as CrossFit Games and CrossFit Health.

So did the Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, leaving fans in dismay at how a total following of over 10 million can just disappear overnight.

The only social pages still live are Twitter and YouTube.

Where has CrossFit gone? Theory 1: They’ll be back in a minute

It could be a simple case of CrossFit taking down some of there social media pages to upgrade them and fix bugs.

Rather than give out errors messages and give off the impression that the pages aren’t working properly, they may have decided to take down the pages for a few days to make modifications.

Sure, there’s a lot of commotion now, but by the time it’s back up and running, everyone would have instantly forgotten about the issue.

Theory 2: A new social media strategy

CrossFit’s holy-grail is the upcoming CrossFit Games.


The 2019 competition, in association with Reebok, is just over two months away and pre-hype has already started.

When things finally kick-off in August, CrossFit could have a new social media plan in place to give fans coverage, which won’t include Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Perhaps it will be a case of live Twitter feeds and YouTube highlights, prompting subscription fees to watch the games live online.

Theory 3: Hammer time PR stunt

Popular CrossFit journalist and vlogger Armen Hammer addressed the issue on his YouTube page with a new video.

His opinion stated that it was all “part of a plan” and that founder Greg Glassman had implemented the changes to “freak out” audiences and get chins wagging about CrossFit.

Essentially, a PR stunt, as audiences discuss and deliberate what has happened to the channels.



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