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When does Shanae leave The Bachelor during Season 26?

Labelled as the “villain” of Season 26 of The Bachelor, Shanae Ankley has finally left the show. After continually targeting her fellow participant Elizabeth Corrigan throughout the show, fans had finally had enough.

Season 26 has definitely been a stand out for The Bachelor in terms of drama and we have Shanae Ankley to thank for that this season. After a turbulent few weeks, Shanae finally made her exit after bachelor, when Clayton chose not to give her a rose during week five’s rose ceremony.

To put it politely, viewers weren’t too sad to see her go. So, when does Shanae leave The Bachelor? Reality Titbit has dug up all the dirt and are ready to tell all.

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Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas | Official Trailer | Zeus

Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas | Official Trailer | Zeus
Shanae Ashkay – The Bachelor. Picture: Bachelor Network YouTube

When does Shanae leave The Bachelor?

Shanae was eliminated by Clayton during the fifth week’s episode of Season 26, after he chose not to offer her a rose during the rose ceremony.

The elimination followed a two-on-one date with another contestant, Genevieve Parisi, but fans speculate they think the real reason as to why she was booted off may be due to the drama she had caused in the house.

The elimination came after a month of ongoing issues and drama in the house surrounding Shanae. Most of the arguments were to do with the real estate dealer, Elizabeth, who believed Shanae was attacking her.

Shanae’s and Elizabeth’s drama explained

The girls’ feud started on episode two of the show when Shanae accused Elizabeth of being ‘two-faced’ for ignoring her by the pool.

When she was confronted about the issue by bachelor Clayton, Shanae chose to spend the entire time of her one-on-one date with him, complaining about her issues with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth even tried to pull Shanae to the side to discuss their issues, but this didn’t seem to go down too well either as the drama continued.

The arguments between the girls grew pettier and pettier, one night they even argued over shrimp. Elizabeth had made the house shrimp and Shanae ate them all pretty quickly. Elizabeth was not happy with this and said;

She ate all the shrimp! I don’t know what the shrimp portions are like in Ohio, but this isn’t a roadside buffet. Obviously, there’s two things Shanae can’t keep out of her mouth, and that’s my name and shrimp.

Elizabeth Corrigan, Hollywood life

Shanae accused of ‘bullying’ Elizabeth

Throughout her time on the show, Shanae made it her mission to turn Clayton’s mind on Elizabeth and to trash her to him as much as she could.

The 29-year-old has been accused by the audience of exaggerating stories about Elizabeth to Clayton, and people have gone as far as calling her a ‘bully’.

During one of the most shocking episodes, Shanae flipped the script on Clayton and, during a private chat, said:

I thought we (Elizabeth) squashed it last week and it’s not squashed. I’m feeling bullied in the house. It’s sad because I don’t want to leave because I feel something with you, and I just can’t move on.

Shanae Ankley, The Bachelor

She later went to the confessional and essentially admitted that she lied to Clayton in order to get his sympathy. Shanae said: “Oh my God, he believed me. I have him, trust me. I know I have him. I needed that. I was GOOD.”

The continual drama from Shanae ended up with her being labelled season 26’s ‘villain’ and fans were happy to see her go. As for the drama – I’m sure we will miss that a little.



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