When does The Circle 2019 start? CONFIRMED live launch night!
Screen Shot: Alex, The Circle, episode 17, Channel 4

When does The Circle 2019 start? CONFIRMED live launch night!

An official start date for the second series of The Circle has been confirmed, with new characters, twists and even a new presenter.

The groundbreaking Channel 4 series shook the nation in 2018 as it hit the reality TV market with an original concept and ambitious format.

It took a few weeks for audiences to get an idea of what the hell was going on but following three weeks of back-to-back midweek episodes, The Circle soon proved the UK’s new favourite show.

Netflix have since picked up international versions of the show, likely to air later this year, although it’s series 2 of  C4’s The Circle that everyone has been desperately waiting for.

Here’s everything you need to know about The Circle 2019 and where the cast from series 1 are now.

E4 Summer Party: Pictured:(E4-Circle) Freddie Bentley, Alex Hobern and Sian Owen

How does The Circle work?

The Channel 4 series follows a group of individuals who live inside individual flats within the same apartment block.

Each individual has a special social media app hooked into their flat and they can use this device to talk to everyone else in the apartment and on the show (usually around five people) via text messages.

The contestants never meet face-to-face but must win other each other’s trust and friendship as cast members are voted off each week.

Essentially, the aim of the game is to become the most popular person in the apartment (The Circle) in order to win the £100,00 prize money.

However, there are plenty of outrageous twists and turn that stand between them and the prize money. Many players create fake social media accounts and pretend to be someone else.

Last year’s winner, Alex Hobern, pretended to be a girl called Kate throughout the show and even ended up Catfishing fellow cast member Dan into wanting to date him.

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The Circle – Alex (left) and his fake profile of Kate

When does The Circle 2019 start?

Reality Titbit can reveal that The Circle 2019 will launch on Tuesday, September 24th.

Series 2 will launch with a special live episode that airs from 9.15 pm to 10:30 pm on Channel 4.

After this, The Circle will continue to air on Channel 4 at 10 pm every weeknight and Sunday.

New rules and a new presenter!

Series 2 of The Circle will run for four weeks, one week longer than series 1, and will feature a weekly live episode.

Alice Levine and Maya Jama were the hosts last time around although Channel 4 have roped in seasoned presenter Emma Willis for s2.

The weekly live episode will put more power in the viewers’ hands than before, allowing for more interactivity between the viewers and players.

Alex Hobern on life after The Circle

The 26-year-old comedian now works fulltime as a presenter and content creator on both YouTube and Instagram. He frequently collaborates with The Circle runner-up Freddie Bentley and sometimes Sian Owen.

Alex’s YouTube channel currently has over 12,000 followers and he uploads vlogs weekly. His comedy sketches and clips are uploaded daily to his Instagram account @alexhobern where he has 107,000 followers. You can also follow Alex on Tik Tok.

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Speaking to Freddie, Dan and Precious

Speaking with HITC Culture, a trio of The Circle stars have voiced their opinions on the upcoming season 2 and all believe that the second series can live up to a stellar opening season.

Freddie, who was interviewed while scooting around a red carpet event for Dapper Laughs’ docu-film premiere of Fanatical, explained that the name of the game is tact.

He said:

You’ve got be very smart and tactical to win The Circle. At the end of the day, it’s all about making good television. If you need to have an argument to stay on the show then have an argument.

But that’s not say Channel 4 ever pushed certain scenarios or force-fed words into cast members’ mouths, as Freddie added that he and the other cast members were “never given scripts” or told what to say.

Precious Muir, who briefly appeared on the show before facing the axe, said that she is excited to see how Channel 4 producers create new and unexpected twists and turns in series 2.

She said:

They (Channel 4) could throw so many different spanners in the works, I still think this year’s The Circle will be one of the best shows on TV. They had a baby… what next, they could put an entire family in an apartment. And with everyone having watched the show last year, the contestants ate going to be even more wary of who could be a Catfish. I think series 2 is going to be amazing!




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