When is Beecham House set? Find out what year ITV's new period drama takes place!

When is Beecham House set? Find out what year ITV's new period drama takes place!

ITV has a brand new series coming to our screens this summer in the form of period drama Beecham House.

The six-part series will star Tom Bateman from Vanity Fair, Lesley Nicol from Downton Abbey and Bessie Carter from Les Miserables.

So, want to find out when the new period drama is set? Find out the exact year below…

Beecham House on ITV

What is Beecham House about?

Brand new period drama Beecham House tells the story of John Beecham and his family as they move to a mansion in Delhi, India.

John is a former soldier with a mysterious past, with many of the servants speculating that John may have had a son with an Indian nursemaid called Chanchal.

Soon after moving, John’s life is further turned upside down when his mother and brother arrive from England to live with him.

Beecham House on ITV

When is Beecham House set?

Period drama Beecham House is set on the cusp of the 19thcentury.

The series takes place in 1795 before the British ruled in Dehli.

Speaking about her decision to make a period drama Beecham House director Gurinder Chadha told ITV: “Period drama can be entertaining, ambitious and relevant to key issues of today.”

Beecham House on ITV

How can I watch it online?

As an ITV show, Beecham House will be available to watch online via the ITV Hub.

Given that there is no official air date for the series as of yet, we are unsure when the show will be uploaded online.

Check back here for more updates soon.

Beecham House on ITV



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