Home Alone has been officially confirmed for the U.K TV schedule over Christmas.

The Macaulay Culkin classic has established itself as a must-watch Christmas movie, regardless of whether you believe it is truly a Christmas film or not.

Here’s how you can watch Home Alone every time it is on U.K Freeview TV with a handy guide to watching it online, too.

Oh, and of course we haven’t forgotten about Home Alone 2, either!

When is Home Alone on TV 2018?

The first showing of Home Alone this festive season will come on Sunday, December 9th.

It will air at 5:35 pm on Channel 4.

Is Home Alone on TV on Christmas Day?

No. But…

Home Alone will air on Boxing Day. It starts at 2:50 pm on Film 4.

You can still get your dose of Macaulay Culkin on Christmas Day, however, with Home Alone 2 airing on Channel 4 at 5:40 pm.

Is Home Alone on Netflix?


Home Alone (1990) is not available to watch on U.K Netflix right now – none of the Home Alone movies are!

Is Home Alone on Sky?


Unfortunately, Home Alone is not part of the Sky Cinema Christmas Collection.

However, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is available.

While it may not be the 1990 classic, it still features not only Macaulay Culkin but a random appearance from Donald Trump – keep your eyes peeled for this!

Where Else Can I Watch Home Alone?

Home Alone is not available to watch via Amazon Prime Video or Now TV, which gives you a pretty slim selection of online choices.

It is not available via YouTube, either.

Our best recommendation to watch Home Alone is to record the movie when it airs on Channel 4.

That said, Home Alone is available on streaming platform Hulu, who currently offer a seven-day free trial period.

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