When is the Love Island lie detector? Is it happening next week?

We are (hopefully) approaching the most exciting episode of Love Island series four. Jeremy Kyle bought it to our screens, but Love Island made it cool.

According to our “research” – take note of the speech marks – the Love Island lie detector test episode should air in the next seven days.

With just 10 days left of Love Island series four, will we get to see the Islanders quake in their boots?

Here’s a look back at previous Love Island contestants breaking a sweat at the mention of the words “lie detector test” and some speculation as to whether this drama-causing episode will actually happen in Love Island series four.

What Happened to the Lie Detector Test Episode?

In all three previous Love Island series, the lie detector episode has been one of the most entertaining, causing a whole lot of agg before, during and after the test.

We’ve got faith that ITV2 producers aren’t going to take this one away from us, meaning it should be on your telly-box any day now.

Each year, the series has got longer, with last year’s series three being extended to seven weeks. The lie detector episode has been added to the series later and later each year.

In series one, it started on episode 29, but by the 2017 show, we didn’t see the little fibbers in action until episode 39.

Love Island 2018 is currently on episode 41 (Friday 20th July) so the all-important lie detector tests should be taking place shortly!

Expect to see the Love Island lie detector test episode sometime next week – likely to be on Friday or Sunday (29th July)!

From ITV Studios

Love Island: SR4: Ep45 on ITV2 – Love Island lie detector

What Kicked Off in Previous Love Island Lie Detector Tests?

Series 1: Episode 29

Most loved-up couple of 2015, Jon Clark and Hannah Elizabeth, didn’t need much to set them off.

They began arguing before the lie detector apparatus was even placed on Jon’s body!

Series One also featured winner Max Morely hurling a deck chair and a potted plant into the villa pool after the lie detector left him raging.

Series 2: Episode 39

Sh*t hit the fan for fairytale couple Alex Bowen and Olivia Buckland when Al had to endure the wrath of the lie detector test.

But there was no need for all that drama was there, Liv? He put a ring on it in the end!


In Olivia’s defence, this thing really does mess with your head.


Series 3: Episode 44

Last year, Olivia Attwood caused a stir when she was put in the Love Island lie detector hot seat.

But, if we’ve learned anything from the first three series of Love Island’s lie detector tests – take the results with a pinch (or a lot of) salt.

Couples that have failed it have proven it wrong to this date!


Who Would Succeed in Series 4?

Series four has it’s shady contestants just as much as any other. We can’t wait to see this year’s Islanders cringe under that red light of doom. 

Doctor Alex could have a few surprises for us after binning off Alexandra this week, then taking her back!

Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham (yawn), would probably pass with flying colours.

Muggy Megan and Wes Nelson could finally reveal their phoney relationship to the world, and while things probably couldn’t get any more awkward for OluwaJack, we’d like to see it happen.

There are only a handful of episodes left of this series and next week could see the Island turned upside down.




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