Shipwrecked 2019 kicked off on Monday, January 28th.

Re-launching for the first time in seven years, E4’s Shipwrecked is set to be a drama-packed, raunchy and modern reality TV series.

Kick-starting with nine survivors split into two tribes – Sharks and Tigers – the series runs for 15 episodes in total.

So, when is the Shipwrecked 2019 final?
Shipwrecked E4

How to Watch Shipwrecked on E4

Shipwrecked 2019 airs every weeknight on E4, at 9 pm.

It launched on Monday, January 28th, and will continue every week from Monday-Friday.

There are 15 episodes in total, meaning the series will last for three weeks.

Shipwrecked 2019: Final

The Shipwrecked 2019 final has been confirmed for Friday, February 15th.

As always, it will air on E4, at 9 pm.

The Channel 4 website states:

Which tribe will win and sail away with £50,000? Will the romances and friendships be able to survive the final hurdle of the competition? Once the decisions are made and the results revealed, there’s one final Shipwrecked twist before the Tigers and Sharks must say an emotional farewell to paradise.

(L - R) Tom, Big T, Kush, Liv, Chris, Khalia, Emma, Hollie and Harry
(L – R) Tom, Big T, Kush, Liv, Chris, Khalia, Emma, Hollie and Harry

Shipwrecked 2019: Rules

The premise of the series sees two tribes – Sharks and Tigers – living on nearby islands, both in a lagoon at Aitutaki, in the Cook Islands.

New cast members will regularly wash up on shore, with time to enjoy a short period of time on each island.

They then get to pick whether they want to live on Shark or Tiger island for the rest of the series.

The tribe with the most members at the end of the three weeks will receive a £50,000 jackpot to split among them.

Shipwrecked usually ends up with between 25-35 Islanders in total.


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