When was Home Town Takeover filmed? A brand new spin-off series of HGTV show Home Town kicked off from Sunday, May 2nd 2021. From Jerry’s Barber Shop to the “Big Fish” House, Erin and Ben really have their work cut out in the spin-off series.

Ben and Erin Napier are back at it again in 2021 but this time with a slightly different show than they’ve brought to screens before. Home Town Takeover sees the couple literally renovate a whole town, well around 16 locations will receive a transformation thanks to the show.

when was home town takeover filmed
Screenshot: Road To Takeover Episode 2: The Big Fish House | Home Town Takeover | HGTV – YouTube

When was Home Town Takeover filmed?

In mid-2020 it was announced that Wetumpka, Alabama would be the location chosen for Erin and Ben Napier’s spin-off show – Home Town Takeover.

Downtown Wetumpka was still in the process of recovering from a tornado that hit in 2019.

We can assume that filming took place in the latter part of 2020 as it was wrapped by January 2021 according to WSFA12 News.

In an Instagram post from March 2021, Erin confirms when filming took place: “In the span of 4 months last fall and winter, during a global pandemic, 5 hours from home, @scotsman.co and I gave it our everything to help teach a little town in Alabama everything we’ve learned about small town revitalization in our 13 years of work in Laurel“.

What is the Wetumpka, Alabama population?

Wetumpka, Alabama is made up of just 8,243 as of 2019.

Although a small town, Wetumpka has some historic landmarks.

The house featured in 2003 movie Big Fish is renovated on Home Town Takeover during episode 2.

The drive from Laurel, Mississippi to Wetumpka, Alabama is approximately four hours long according to Google Maps. So, Ben and Erin have had a mini road trip in taking on the challenge of renovating a whole town in the show.

How many episodes are there in Home Town Takeover?

The first episode of Home Town Takeover aired on May 2nd 2021.

The series is made up of six episodes in total so the final episode will most likely air on June 6th.

The show sees Erin and Ben breathe new life not only into people’s homes but into commercial buildings and historical landmarks, too.



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