When was My Unorthodox Life filmed? Netflix series locations explored

Netflix is back with a brand new mini-series in 2021 – My Unorthodox Life. The series follows the life of Julia Haart – a businesswoman and fashion designer who broke away from an ultra-Orthodox community in New York.

Julia and her family, her businesses and friends are all featured in the Netflix series. So, let’s take a look at when was My Unorthodox life was filmed and the locations featured on the show.

Screenshot: My Unorthodox Life – Netflix

When was My Unorthodox Life filmed?

Netflix Queue Tweeted in March 2021, that Netflix ordered two new unscripted shows, one of which was My Unorthodox Life. However, it seems that the series was filmed around a year ago.

As per Just Jared, My Unorthodox Life was most likely filmed in 2020. A report from Just Jared states that Bebe Rexha performed at the e1972 Fashion Show on February 8th 2020 in New York City.

Given that Bebe Rexha’s performance is featured in the series, we can assume that that’s when the whole show was filmed.

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My Unorthodox Life filming locations

My Unorthodox Life is mainly filmed in New York, USA.

The New York Cityscape can be seen during the series and this is where the show’s main focus – Julia Haart – and her family lives. Julia lives in a penthouse apartment in Tribeca, New York.

A great deal of the series is filmed while Julia is at work at the EWG HQ which is located at 55 Hudson Yards, 3rd Floor, New York.

Episode 2 of the series sees Julia, Miriam and Robert head to Monsey, New York, which is where the family used to live.

Outside of the USA, My Unorthodox Life is also shot in France. The family can be seen filming at Cheâteau de Farcheville in Essonne.

My Unorthodox Life | Official Trailer | Netflix

My Unorthodox Life | Official Trailer | Netflix

Twitter reacts to the My Unorthodox Life premiere

By the looks of Twitter, many viewers are loving the new 9-episode miniseries. One fan Tweeted: “I am approx 7mins into #myunorthodoxlife and I am in awe of Julia Haart“.

Although some people weren’t keen on the Netflix series and said it didn’t accurately reflect the topics that it covers: “Watching “My Unorthodox Life” to learn about Orthodox Judaism, is like watching “Grey’s Anatomy” to learn about medicine“.

Other viewers were impressed with the business that Julia Haart has built for herself: “wow idk how accurate all of it is but this woman is very inspiring to make the career she did in her 40s.



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