Where is FBOY Island filmed? Hot new HBO Max series has a tropical location

Where is FBOY Island filmed? Hot new HBO Max series has a tropical location

Three women have got their work cut out of them on a new HBO Max series – FBOY Island! Set in a tropical paradise, the ladies are on a mission of vengeance for all the girls who have ever been ‘F’d’ over by an FBOY.

Of course a show as sizzling as this needs a showstopping filming location to match. Host of the show, Nikki Glaser, opens her arms during the teaser preview and says “Welcome to FBOY Island!“, but is it really an island? Here’s a look at where FBOY Island is filmed!

Screenshot: FBOY Island | Official Trailer | HBO Max

Is FBOY Island a real island?

No, FBOY Island isn’t a real island. The show sees three women have to suss out which of the 24 men on the show are genuinely looking for love and which of them are FBOYs.

Of course, a show full of hot model-esq singletons wouldn’t be suitable to any other climate than a tropical paradise. However, FBOY Island isn’t a real place – but it makes for a catchy title!

It was filmed on an island of a different name earlier in 2021, so let’s find out more about the show’s location…

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Where is FBOY Island filmed?

FBOY Island was filmed in early 2021 in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

The Cayman Islands are located in the Caribbean Sea, near Cuba and Jamaica.

Three separate islands make up the Cayman Islands – Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. Little Cayman is known for its diverse wildlife including the red-footed boobie!

FBOY Island was filmed on the biggest of the islands – Grand Cayman. According to Visit Cayman Islands: “Grand Cayman is approximately 76 square miles, 22 miles long and home to over 50,000 residents“.

Screenshot: Cayman Islands – Google Maps

FBOY Island | Official Trailer | HBO Max

FBOY Island | Official Trailer | HBO Max

RTB speculates the villa where the HBO Max show was filmed!

Although there’s no word on where FBOY Island was filmed from its production company STXalternative, Reality Titbit speculates that the show may have been filmed at a beautiful Air BnB Luxe stay.

The expensive retreat is called ‘Kempa Kai’ and its located at Rum Point, North Side, Cayman Islands.

The Air BnB Luxe stay features a very similar-looking infinity pool to the one shown in the FBOY trailer, the general surroundings, jetty and decor also looks the same.

A stay at Kempa Kai costs $5,198 per night as per Air BnB! See the property online here.

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Screenshot: FBOY Island | Official Trailer | HBO Max



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