Someone put out a search party because Made in Staten Island episode 4 is still missing!

Although initially launching on a Monday night, and continuing to air at 10 pm in the same time slot, things came to a sudden halt on February 4th.

The series appeared to just end after episode 3, with no statement from MTV to guide us on what is happening.

Here are the answers you so desperately need!

Screen Shot: Dennie The Godmutha - MTV, Season 1

Screen Shot: Dennie The Godmutha – MTV, Season 1

Made in Staten Island Episode 4

Made in Staten Island episode 4 will continue to be missing from the MTV schedule for a total of five weeks.

It will not air on Monday, February 25th or Monday, March 4th.

All three episodes are still currently available on the USA MTV website although it seems extremely unlikely that the series would have been just three episodes long.

Has Made in Staten Island Been Cancelled?

Unconfirmed – however, it appears that the show is moving timeslots and is not cancelled!

So far, MTV have declined to comment on whether the series has been cancelled.

However, many cast members have spoken out to say that it has not been cancelled.

Taylor O’Toole answered to fans on Instagram saying: “The show was taken down to relocate it for a different time for different reasons.”



Other cast members have sent out to Tweets to say that the show will go on!

Such as Dennie and CP.

The Verdict?

From what we can gather and our sources, Made in Staten Island has not been cancelled.

It should return sometime in March.

However, it’s unlikely to continue airing on Monday nights. Perhaps it will change to a different day, or all the remaining episodes could be shown back-to-back over a few selected days.

Why Would They Cancel Made in Staten Island?

Made in Staten Island has been surrounded by controversy ever since it first launched.

Leading star Karina Seabrook is the granddaughter of Sammy the Bull, a notorious underboss of the Gambino crime family in New York.

Other cast members, such as Taylor O’Toole, are currently on probation.

The series has received many complaints about the way it represents Staten Island, with a petition set up to have the show pulled off air by locals – much like what happened with UK series Absolutely Ascot.

Even the Mayor of New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio, chipped in on Twitter to condemn the show.



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