Mimi used to regularly appear on TLC’s Outdaughtered, but has been absent from the series for a while. So, where is the Busby grandma?

The show follows the daily lives of Danielle and Adam Busby, who became parents to the first-ever all-female quintuplets born in the U.S.

Danielle’s mother Mimi was often seen paying her grandchildren a visit, and at one point, living with them for a while.

Recently, fans have started questioning where Mimi is. We looked into what happened to her and why she has been absent for some time…

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Who is Grandma Mimi?

Michelle Theriot – known as Grandma Mimi – left her hometown in Louisiana to move closer to the Busby family in Houston, Texas.

Shortly after Danielle and Adam’s quintuplet daughters were born, she originally moved in with them after her home was damaged.

Her home had flooded with more than an entire foot of water as a result of when Hurricane Harvey, which hit southeast Texas in 2017.

In her professional life, Mimi is a realtor working for Keller Williams Realty.

What happened to Mimi on Outdaughtered?

  • Mimi was reportedly arrested for driving under the influence

In October 2020, Mimi’s black Ford SUV caught the attention of police as it swerved over the road, according to a report.

Her sentence has reportedly been handed down, and Mimi is thought to have avoided any jail time.

She is currently on a one-year diversion program, which is usually given to first-time offenders with some restrictions.

Reports say that Mimi has been instructed not to consume alcohol or controlled substances for the length of time she is on the program.

This happened some time after her home was hit by a hurricane.

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Where is Mimi now?

Mimi is thought to have moved back to Lake Charles to stay with a figure out what to do with her life, according to a fan.

It comes after she “lost everything”, including her home, in Hurricane Harvey, which led to her initially staying with the Busbys.

She also deleted her Instagram account shortly after being arrested for a DUI, which she was never very active on anyway.



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