Jennifer Todryk leaves the demolition out of the question, and turns homes into beautiful spaces. So, where is No Demo Reno filmed?

It is the newest HGTV series which sees the social media celebrity help clients start loving their homes, without knocking down any walls.

Her work goes from helping a single mom turn her kitchen into a cake maker’s paradise, without breaking the bank.

The question is, where is No Demo Reno filmed? Where can we get a glimpse of the properties being transformed?

Screenshot: No Demo Reno trailer, HGTV Twitter

Where is No Demo Reno filmed?

  • Dallas-Fortworth, Texas

Jenn’s clients’ homes are all based in that area, which is also the place where the host and her family live.

Her siblings Kevin Mash and Colt Jeffrey all come from Burleston, Texas, so it’s likely that Jenn knows the area fairly well.

She combines clever design solutions and cost-saving ideas to create stunning home overhauls for clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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No Demo Reno: Filming location explored

It’s not just home renovation series which are filmed here, but also well-known films such as Tenet, Prison Break, Queen of the South and Dallas.

Plus, it’s no surprise that Jenn’s career has gone well in her hometown, as it ranked 21st on the list of U.S. News Best Places to Live in 2019.

Fort worth is home to the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition and several museums designed by well-known contemporary architects.

Comparing the two places, Dallas is thought of as more cosmopolitan, while Fort Worth has a downtown area with historical stockyards!

Who pays for No Demo Reno renovations?

  • It’s likely that the client pays for the renovations

Although it has not been confirmed by HGTV, it is most probable that Farmhouse Fixer renovations follow the same format as Fixer Upper.

Each client pays for the design work, but they usually get the added bonus of HGTV chipping in money for one big item, such as a sofa or table.

Homeowners are not required to pay Chip and Joanna, who star on Fixer Upper, as HGTV covers the talent fee.

It’s likely that the same goes for No Demo Reno and other similar shows like Farmhouse Fixer, and that Jennifer isn’t paid directly for the work.

Instead, it is thought that Jennifer is paid a separate salary for her presenting role from the HGTV show’s production team.



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